A little Inspiration

Welcome to my page.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Misty. I am from a small rural town in East Tennessee. The scenery here is beautiful, especially The Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Some great pictures can be captured here, even just driving through rural areas. A few things about myself. I love helping people and I currently work in healthcare. I also go to school on my days off, working toward my degree. I love to take pictures and I also love to write. Writing poems and journals helped me get through some very difficult, dark times in my life so its therapeutic for me to write. I like to sing and I can also play a few instruments. I love to go to church because I feel the closest to God there and it charges me for my week ahead, my mission in life. He saved a wretch like me from the life of sin that I was living. Last but not least, I am a recovered addict, eleven years and counting.

I am on a mission. My mission is to help or be a little bit of inspiration to anyone that may need it. This has been something that has been pulling on my heartstrings for a while now, so here I am stepping out on Faith to offer some hope and love to whoever may need it. My journey in life has been everything but easy. Through my experiences I hope to encourage that one person to never lose faith, always hope, and do everything with love. The truth, the light, and the way will set you free, he did me.

#zerotohero #lovefaithhope711.life #recoveryispossible #faithhopelove #lifeishard #Godisgreat #voicesofhope

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