Lesson or Blessing

Thinking back to the days that have past

Something kept happening me

That I could not get past

What could have I done Lord to deserve all this pain

Why does everyone keep leaving me

I could not deal with the pain

My ignorance led me to things to take me away

Not knowing the hold it would have

That eventually everyone would go away

Have you ever felt alone

A feeling I hope no one ever feels

It turns out I was never really alone

Recalling a day I fell down on my knees

Literally crying out to God

Please Lord I can’t take no more, why me

I kicked and screamed and begged and pleaded

My soul was tired

I felt completely defeated

Then peace picked me up

Placed me on my feet

Go forth my child

Do not see it as defeat

I want you to realize this is a lesson

But also a blessing

I need you to follow my lead

And be a blessing

To someone who may be struggling

With no hope

Your words could keep them afloat

Help pull them out

Of their dangerous despair

Let them know hope

Has always been there

Tell them to lean on me

And how I carried you

And what miracles you did see

Your footprints are meant for so much more

Take your experiences

Be a blessing for so many more

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