My faith and belief in God have never wavered. Regardless of the trials that I have experienced in life, I have never questioned his existence. Sure I have been guilty of getting mad and screaming why me? Now if I feel like thinking that, I just reverse it like why not you? Sit on that thought for a while, and perception may be changed up a little bit. Perception is a tricky thing in life and can be a dangerous thing if you base it on one view.

I remember the day I fell to my knees crying out to God because I couldn’t take it no more. Tired was a complete understatement on all the emotions that hit me that day. Never had I ever felt as helpless as I did in that moment. I was around this person that did nothing but degrade me. Didn’t matter how much I did or whatever it may have been, was never good enough. I felt as if I was in a hopeless situation that was never gonna come to a close, until that day. I remember a feeling of peace overcome me and then I stood up knowing it would not be long, I was gonna get back home. And I did, finally. I experienced lots of things in that relationship that I would never wish on anyone. My nose was broken cause my face got slammed into a counter top, beaten in the head with a dog chain because I wouldn’t let harm come to my dog that had puppies. Had my ass beat several times for sneaking and calling to try to talk to my kids on the phone. It didn’t matter if they answered it still charged so I would call and call and call. I didn’t care though I would take the ass beating if I just heard their voice. After all that plus a lot more, my faith in God never wavered. But after that particular day, he picked me up and showed me the way home. I finally got my new start I had been praying about. Faith, Hope, and Love isn’t just words to me. There is a lot of meaning behind those words for me. So don’t you ever lose faith, always have hope and do everything you do with love.


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