The Call

A call on our lives is something that I believe every human has, whether it’s known or not. The start of my journey because I chose to listen has been years now. The difference that I have felt in my soul started when I was a child. The proper way to listen and follow that call was something that I was never taught to do. It has been something that I have learned through my trials and tribulations because of seeds randomly planted by random people or things. The company that a person keeps is more important than the person thinks usually. To be able to distinguish the difference between good and bad is hard sometimes, especially for empathic individuals. The struggle is real a lot of times. Learning to do this and still be empathic toward people is a gift in itself. To want the best for everyone even if they may not have good intentions is a power not many have.

Our Lord wants the best for everyone, and as individuals, we are supposed to strive for his perfection in life. Perfection does not exist with anyone but him. To be able to strive is to try to do good things with good intentions. Our Lord knows the sincerity of each person’s heart and what they are trying to accomplish. I know without a doubt every bad intention that I have put out there has come back to me. Thus My actions through the years have changed because of what was happening around me I realized it was the repercussions of what I had given. When I finally realized this my life started changing. Everyone has struggles in life but what is done to correct those means everything. To realize and heal oneself alone is a trait that many do not have. Thankfully my Lord showed up and showed out to help me through my struggles, which have been many.

I write and only hit on the high points that I feel may help another get through a struggle or difficult challenge in life. Perfection does not exist and everyone struggles with multiply things through life. I personally reached a dangerous level of freedom when I could care less about what others thought about me or what I was doing. God knows my heart, he always has and that is the one thing that will matter. Not what other people may think or perceive. Your call is based on the realization of many things within yourself. What is your call? Learn yourself on the best level possible and I believe your lead to a great life will start there. Freedom and happiness within the arms of our creator, the one that has been there from the beginning of time, is the best feeling ever. That is where I found my call.

Stay Blessed Y’all!!

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