As simple as the word why may be, the effects of it on your life can make or break you. What I mean by that is your intentions behind the word to a situation. Many people don’t even think about that before they say or do things. But in my experience, that intention is taken far too lightly.

Lots of people that are quick to get angry don’t think about a situation much or the outcome, the words come screaming out. I personally have been there and done that, nothing good usually comes either. I am not so much like that anymore because the more I have sit back and analyzed a situation or outcome the more I see why things went in the direction they did. With that being said, I put more thought in my intentions behind my words.

I am a firm believer that what a person gives they get. I have given lots of bad intentions before, mostly during my younger days. Never looking at the intentions behind whatever it may have been. It is said a peron lives and learns, and that is true. Lets say you have had a blow up of bad events in your life that wasnt going so good. Sit back a minute and think about your intentions behind what may have been said or happened. Were they selfish or did you intend bad with those? When I say that, a person has to be honest with themselves. From the heart what did you intend to happen or transpire? Through my life my intentions have mostly been from my heart. Although there have been times when they were coming froma place of jealously or greed. We all have been guilty of that whether its realized or not. If the intentions behind something involves those negative traits most likely the outcome is not going to be good. Those not so good outcomes in my life has made me sit back and analyze them with the question why. Taking the accountability for those actions which does not deflate my ego anymore. Yes, everyone has an ago.

Making sure my intentions are pure and from the heart pure has changed the direction that my life has took. This in itself has been the solution to many things. I am a very empathic person, I always have been. I relate to many people on different levels due to the experiences that I have had during life. I know what it takes to pull yourself out of dark places, alone. When I changed my intentions up to being pure and from the heart good, my life changed. It wasn’t what I was going to be receiving so much but what I was going to be able to do for others. Our creator is pure of heart and doesn’t deal out all those negative emotions. It is intended for us to strive and do the same. To do and say things from a place pure of heart and unselfish. All the other leads no where good. So check your why and see what intentions are behind that. Is that intention what you want in the return? Whats your why?

Stay Blessed Y’all!!

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