My Father

No one is better than him to me, my father that watches over me. He is there to pick me up when I fall, even though I can’t see him, I hear his call. Forever with me guiding light so my eyes can see, the bigger far better picture of eternity. My hope lies with him because he has never forsaken me, through my bitterness and brokenness, he has and will always be with me. My father is so great and powerful and true, he will carry you too. All you need is to believe in the greatness in which it is all he. He made the sun, moon, stars, seas, the lands we live, and the air we breathe. The world he made so firm and true and everything to sustain us, this is true. He made man and with a rib of man he made woman. From two people we derive as many. My father is almighty, to say the least, but the best part is he is not only with me. Trust he is the father to all and his presence is everywhere you choose to see. All one needs to trust and believe. Let him be your father, he never leaves.

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