I believe wholeheartedly that everyone has their unique gifts which we should use for his greater plan. To humble yourself and let go of your pride and ego is not as easy as it may seem. Everyone regardless carries these traits with something in their life. Control is a big issue to overcome also. But one must humble themselves in the presence of our Lord. Humbly I went to him in prayer releasing everything in me to him and what he wanted for my life and what he wanted me to do. I let go and let God, regardless of my wishes. It wasn’t easy but when I let go and let him take the wheel for the first time the peace that came with that is unexplainable. I am unafraid of the future and what it may hold. In the presence of my Lord, who is with me wherever I may roam, I am unafraid. He is who I fear though, his wrath.

While realizing my way was not the answer I also come to the realization that I never had put him first in my everyday life. When I completely let go and let God everything changed. I found an unexplainable peace and he highlighted my path, to say the least. My purpose, my pain, my grief, and my stride all became his and would be used for his glory. I am unashamed and most of all unafraid. Everyone has their gifts, some have many different ones. When a person takes those gifts and uses them for a greater good with love, you will exceed all expectations. I want to encourage you today to seek those gifts for his purpose. Let go and let God.

Psalm 37:5-6

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