Ever since I can remember, more has been a part of my vocabulary. More to life than what meets the eyes. More beyond the skies, the sun, the moon, and the stars. More behind everything. I am a person that will observe more than I speak because I have always felt to be misunderstood. To be frankly honest, my entire life I have always felt a pull toward something that I can’t say that I completely understand. I just know it has pulled at me for years. Dig deeper, the purpose is so much more. That is what I have been doing since 2016, digging deeper into myself. After all these years it suddenly dawned on me, what my more was. My purpose was given to me long before I realized it. It was instilled in me before my birth and through the years I was reminded just enough to connect the dots. Oh what a wonderful set of grandparents I had, that passed down generational knowledge my way. They knew exactly what they were doing.

There is always more to what you may think is less than. The purpose of life is so much greater than most realize. A purpose enveloped in love, peace, and freedom. All these things are what he wants and nothing less. We as humans take way more than we should from this planet and don’t put any back. Humans get caught up in today’s society, greed, and just plain self. We all need to start giving back. Back to our creator and our home so it will be a good home for our future generations. Back to our roots, we are responsible to give back to our roots and keep them alive. Pass down the information. Corporate America has way too much control when that should not be the case. They only have what we allow them to have, so that brings me to why. Why do we give human direction more control than our creator? Why take him out of things that he should be sitting front and center? There is more to life than this so much more. When you finally stop and smell the roses just know that everything is intertwined as one and there is so much more.

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