Throughout my entire life, this emotion has been present. So needless to say I can recognize it a mile away. I love to see people do good and become better people. After all this journey is about that. Correcting our flaws and striving to walk christ-like. To turn all over to him and let him lead the way is a hard thing to do because we are all human. But it is necessary. My life has been turned upside down many times and when I sat back and examed myself, I figured out why. My first love was never christ, our maker, our creator. I wasn’t putting him first in everything that I did. I was chasing the world only to find heartache and sorrow. All the negative emotions one may feel going through life are not from him first and foremost. God is love. Regardless of your feelings, if the things you do are not from a place of love it’s not from him. Jealousy, envy, pridefulness, and wishing bad things on people are not from him or who he intended us to be. He intended us to be loving and uplifting. Having been on both sides of the street well I found what works now. It’s him and his love. He is a very jealous God too. He wants to be first above anything or anyone else, as he should. I have never felt such peace in my entire life as I have to moment my entire being was turned over to him. Check yourself though, your intentions with your actions. Where is your heart at? I know where my heart is and I want to encourage you if you don’t have a relationship with God, please try and strive for that peace. He knows all and sees all. After all the walk would be so much easier walking together.

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