The Sun Rises Again

Looking at the sky so bright as the sun rises with all its might. So bright and beautiful it is. As it over looks all the liveliness. The birds and the bees, the flowers and don’t forget the trees. For if it wasn’t for them what an ugly place we would be. The mountains the plains and coastal shores, the rivers and lakes waterfalls galore. Fish swimming up and down the shores. With the beautiful sun we see so much more. It brightens our days and dims down to the night. Where it changes places with the moon, the lantern of the night. Surrounded by twinkling stars and comets burning bright, below is a world still full of life. Wolves howl at the moon, while the sneaky racoon looks for some food. Owls and bats fly by night with the singing crickets until dawns early light. With the rooster crowing we rise again to shine like the sun and dance with the wind. So if you ever feel sad or blue, just know good things will come soon. Sometimes it takes many moons but the sun will always rise again…..and burn brighter than it has ever been.

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