This is something that was part of my hard way of learning. Not completely understanding this and learning daily changes your perspective on things. I read a lot or listen to books, research, etc. Nothing compares to the real life experiences. Have you ever read or listened to something and you instantly started to feel like you were dancing around the room in some shoes that could break an ankle. Well I have many many times and until I stopped and listened I never realized that was God whispering examine yourself. Oh boy when I started doing that, I realized a lot. Well how did they know what I was feeling? God has a funny way of showing us stuff or waking us up to things we need to work on as individuals walking with his spirit. The worst thing you can do is underestimate him and his almighty sweeping hand. He is almighty and capable of the unimaginable. He will always have his way and the good always prevails because the second chance is given through his son. As a model of how we should live. The battle for you regardless of where you are at, has already been won. All you have to do is believe and then strive for then on out to live as you should. Seems like a small price to pay and is considering what his son endured for us because he seen the good in us. Things come and go, people come and go but My God remains steadfast and true. Just as he will for you. Stay Blessed 🙌

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