Depending on your perspective in life, freedom is obtainable. Everyone’s life is different, their path, their struggles, but one thing is certain there is a purpose. A purpose for pain, grief, heartache, all the ups and downs. It’s to mold us into the person God intended for us to be. Life teaches us lessons that can’t be learned but through experience. The key is understanding and love. It takes a person to act in accordance to how Jesus would have acted. He operated on understanding, love, and forgiveness. All of these qualities must be applied to yourself and others as our body is the temple God himself made. He created all things to work for the greater good. The circle of life, what a beautiful creation he has made for us and our survival. We are too dependent on man and what we have been molded to believe. He gave us in the beginning everything to sustain us. I personally have more trust in God than anyone or anything, especially man made so called essentials. God will open the eyes of the believers and show you a whole new world, if you allow it. The key is yourself, accountability and all of the above. GOD IS LOVE ❀️ and I pray you find that freedom, what your heart is searching for can only be found through him. Stay Blessed y’all πŸ™Œ

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