Native ways

I think history repeats itself thus the importance it should be for us as nations in different regions, to keep our roots close to us. The roots are the essence of our existence in life and in death. We have to set a example for the future generations of our planet to be able to exist among each other. Thus learning to live in such a way gives the people their power back especially the way the world is today with all of the corruption. Everyone is after the almighty dollar. Doesn’t matter to some that others get hurt in their twisted processes. We as the people of nations have a responsibility to stand up and fight. This is my way. The way around their schemes to control us with food and medicine is to educate. Educate people the ways of the natives. The land where you live. Help each other and love one another. Learn the old ways they are trying to kill because that is where our freedom is to stand up as a people and take matters into our own hands and put a dent where there needs to be, in their pockets. I say we empty them out and make use of God’s way, he will alwayprevails. Study your roots in your region, find the cures of your ailments because trust me God already, years and years ago paved that way when he made this planet. Stop taking more than you need and let mother earth heal for awhile. Greed causes that by the way. Keep your native roots alive so they may live on for generations to come. Stay Blessed y’all πŸ™Œ

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