Discovering and Uncovering

Last few years I have been slowly coming back to the person that I have always meant to be. Discovering myself through the eyes of God, uncovering who he meant for me to be. All the while being sick on medication for over two years ended up having a surgery. Working full time, doing school full time, trying to take care of home life all the while dealing with a husband with alcoholism. The closer I have gotten to God and to where I feel that he intends for me to be career wise, the harder it has been. Not to mention numerous occasions that I had reason to believe him being unfaithful in our marriage. I’m not perfect and I have made many mistakes in life, I get that everyone makes them. I’m a forgiving person because I want the same for me with I stand before my heavenly father. Lord knows I want that more than anything and the first time in my life that I put him first everything falls apart. Not questioning his plans but damn does it hurt a lot. Soulfully tired in an understatement to the pain. I am no stranger to pain thats why I can see it miles away. Experience has taught me many things in life and well I guess you gonna learn this time. Too old for this mess. I am a builder, a climber and it is all for the greater good. I will accept nothing less than a partner that wants to build with me and can value and respect my visions. If that is too much shift to the other lane. Three years battling for lack of effort is enough. Pray for me and my family, only the lord can have the wheel. Regardless I am still blessed and highly favored. Still I Rise!!! Stay Blessed y’all πŸ™Œ

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