Love is gentle, love is kind. Love is many things but what love is not is many things also. Selfish, being greedy, lustful, vengeful are attributes of what love is not. What drives the emotion that you may be feeling? Having forgiveness toward a person or their actions without an apology is not easy but the need to do so is far underrated. It’s not for the person but for you. Thinking about oneself all the time is selfish especially when other people are involved. Being lustful can be many things from sex, to drugs and alcohol, money, material possessions etc. You can be lustful with many things and if those things are above your relationship with God, your family, it’s wrong. Being vengeful is wrong regardless of what someone may have done to you. Most likely it’s a misunderstanding anyway but that should only be in the hands of the lord. His job is to convict because regardless of what you say or do vengeance will always be his and in his way. Love is the model God sent to earth. His son came and modeled for us on how to be. He was ridiculed, hated, and beaten to death for us to have a chance at redemption to live in that place he went to prepare for us. All the things you may be facing today has no power through God. He defeated darkness the day he sacrificed his only son and I assure you nothing is too big for him to hold. As long as you leave those things at the foot of the cross and move forward as he would have you will enter a world that you never thought existed. Through him the search you are on will be over and that is the greatest form of love you will ever know. God is Love ❀️ and no evil will ever conquer him. Forgive yourself for not knowing because of the mold you grew into based on the society today or your upbringing. Be willing to learn and unlearn the things you were taught because the fact of the matter is this world has been ruled by the devil for far too long and it’s been normal. It’s time we rise and show the darkness exactly what love is and is not. Our God is so mighty, so powerful, and so awesome and my goal is for you to know that. Through my life, my testimony, if he can do it for me I know he can do it for you. Nothing or nobody in this world can give you a love like his. I pray everyone experiences that awesome love. Stay Blessed y’all πŸ™Œ

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