I believe with all of my heart every trial every harahship that we may go through in life can be used for the greater good. I believe God uses broken people like myself to rescue other broken people that doesn’t see the light at the end of a tunnel. On some level I can relate to the majority of people through roads that I have traveled through my life. And I can honestly say that God hasn’t always been placed in my life where he should have been. Through a lot of hard learning I learned a lot of my mistakes happened because of God not being number one in my life. I was all about self a lot, self indulgence in things or people. God has picked me up more than once in my life and carried me when i didn’t even realize it. He is always with each and everyone of us regardless if you realize it. It really is like they say whatever voice you feed will grow in you. The good loving voice or the bad greedy voice, which do you feed more? God is all loving and means no harm to anyone because we all are his children. He will discipline you too when you do wrong or think wrong. It is a very narrow path that many don’t find because of being wrapped up in the ways of this world today. I hope and pray that everyone will seek and find and know he is waiting for his children to come home with him. It’s just being a good person honestly and following the laws of Moses. Jesus Christ was the law of Moses. He was the example and his sacrifice made it possible for everyone to gain entry to heaven. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

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