When I started in Healthcare in 2018, the field that I started in, kidney care hit close to home for me. I was really excited to enter this field and learn more about kidney disease, cause and effect. Back in 2004, my brother had a kidney transplant provided to him from my sister. His kidneys started to fail him after years of health issues and all kinds of medicine he had to take due to a condition he developed in high school. Well long story short, he ended up with cancer in 2020 and went through a powerful round of chemo and radiation treatment. Not to mention COVID everywhere and us basically living at work. It was hard to swallow this and I purposely didn’t go see him due to carrying something to him during all of this pandemic mess. They gave him a 30% chance to beat that rapid growing cancer and he let me know this afterward. He didn’t want to worry anyone but he rang his bell at the end. I never cried so much in all my life for the relief I felt when I found out. It was a long hard year and I also ended up having a surgery at the end of 2020. Sick working the whole time until I physically couldn’t do it anymore because of a constant pressure and dizziness I was experiencing. All in all God brought both us through that mess and his kidney works better now than it did before. His cancer disappeared, so don’t you tell me he can’t do something. See my heart was in a different place in that field that most don’t know anything about. I was there to learn and to be a helping hand for others and I accomplished that. Though my road led me out I am grateful for the experience and all the things I know now and with that I will take with me the ability to help in different ways. Because my God made me able and willing to do his work I will continue on where he leads. My heart is big and always has been and that makes me beautiful in ways that the ungodly will never understand. God can do miracles and does everyday especially for those that believe and trust fully in him. I don’t have to see to believe because he has showed me the entirety of my life through many things. Precisely why I write to help others and give hope where you may have lost it. God is a promise keeper, a chain breaker, a light in the darkness, he is everything that everyone needs all you have to do is just believe ✨️ 🙏 ❤️ 🙌 Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

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