Things of certainty are few and far between. The only that I am certain of is I serve a mighty God capable of the impossible. He is the possibility of all things good according to his will and word. Jesus modeled for us through his short time on earth and I thank God it was recorded and passed down to us to learn from. If it isn’t God’s will I don’t want it and I will adjust accordingly but until then I will treat people the way I should and try my best to do things as I should. Never have I found certainty in anything of this world including people. Good people with good intentions are few in today’s society because most people are out for self. We are called to serve and serve for his glory not ours. If you carry misery in your heart you must know it is not of him. That just tells me you haven’t completely handed over your entire being to him and being accepting of his will for your life, his purpose. Your way may work awhile but it will cave in on you eventually without God front and center. I know it has happened many times to me. People left, betrayed me, I became strangers to many people that I love because of uncertainty. The only certain fact is that God has always been with me and picked me up when I fell. He has carried me when I didn’t even realize it. His certainty is the only reason I am here today, for his plan and purpose. Still I Rise as I will until I complete my purpose and the uncertain people won’t affect the certainty I have in my God. It is finished cried the lord and we were all saved by his blood he shed for each and everyone of us if we accept him and believe. With that your battle is won, leaving your burdens at the cross, changing your ways and living as he intends. Having been molded by this world I can say it’s not easy but for the peace and his promises it is more than worth it. That is the only certainty that I have ever found in my life and that is enough for me. Stay Blessed y’all πŸ™Œ

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