Thankful, Grateful, & Blessed

Tis the season to be grateful they say. Being grateful isn’t suppose to be limited to just Thanksgiving. The seasons shouldn’t dictate our gratitude, we should have gratitude toward God and his daily gifts to us everyday. I celebrate turkey day according to the records they teach you about, Columbus and so forth. Having a meal of Thanksgiving with the native people of what we call the U.S.A. Everyday I wake up I thank God, I show my gratitude to him everyday, all the while seeing more and more everyday just how very blessed I am. Not to sound like I am bragging at all but it’s true. God has brought me through some really difficult times in my life and it has not been easy either. My journey is not one for the weak but I know God designed me and built me for such times and for such as a time for this. Where I am at with my relationship with God has not been an easy place to get to because of all the trials I have experienced. It was through those trials that has made me into the person that I am today. The loving, caring, smiling, lighthearted woman that I am today. My heart regardless has always been big and I enjoy making people smile and helping most of all. In whatever way that I am able to, precisely why I went into healthcare, not for the money. Money was the least of my concern because I felt like God led me there. I had to make that change my soul was leading me. Let me say, I learned a lot of things. About people and the amount of suffering one had to endure dealing with what they call kidney disease. A lot of times that was enough to break your heart if you had one. I was always overly nice to my patients because I wanted their time there to be as easy and as painless as possible. Which I know was appreciated by them and being able to encourage someone to smile a little. When it became like an assembly line it started to bother me. Nevertheless that learned a new level of gratitude and a new desire to make a impact for God’s glory. Lots of praying a rearranging happened to the point I left my job with lots of knowledge, more than I wanted to know actually but I’m still thankful for it all. I wouldn’t take nothing back either. I got some valuable lessons. Through my struggles and through my pain of accepting change, I praised and thank God daily. Change is inevitable and letting him have control of situations is hard but it’s worth it. Worth it all because he gave his only son for our chance at everlasting life. I am Thankful this holiday season for our ancestors as if they had not traveled here then I would not be who I am now. But our ancestors didn’t just start there, it goes way back back. Therefore I give God all the Glory I can this season also because his blood is why I am actually here today, through his creation in the beginning, his sacrifice. With that we all have the chance at peace with Everlasting love, that only he can give. Don’t forget to be thankful, Grateful, and have the knowing of your everyday blessings given to you through him and his creation. We make life more complicated than it has to be its much more simple than you may see. If you open your eyes and take a peak, his world is just a more beautiful place to be. Happy Thanksgiving y’all I hope everyone has thr best turkey day and don’t forget to praise God for being able to celebrate it. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

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