My Sacrifice

That’s my life, the old me my old ways. Not listening to God and doing what I wanted, not God. Laying it all down at the foot of his cross, his sacrifice for out grace and mercy. It is a daily battle, it is not easy to carry what you have been conformed to be by the society in which we all live. Rhetorical things surround us to a point in which we conform. I will not conform to anyone other than my heavenly father and do that in which I believe he wants me to do. The choice is the person’s choice and that is where the free will comes into play. My free will wants what he wants for my life and nothing else. The door is wide open for everyone and the choice is yours alone because he doesn’t interfere with your free will. I will continue my life doing exactly what I know he wants for me and if you want to be a part of that that’s great if not choose the door because I fear only him. Nobody in this world can tell me I am not qualified to spread and fish for men the information that I feel that that he says that I should. Do I know every word and verse in the Bible, no I do not. Am I perfect, no I am not. Do I fall short, yes I do. Does he forgive me, yes he does on a daily basis. Is it my responsibility to seek the relationship with him, yes it is. Do I do things from my heart yes I do and he knows every last one of them and the only one that really knows anything about me. To pick up and carry your cross is a daily battle not a once or twice a week place you go or a pay check you may get. Your actions should be Things that are good and something that he would have done, meaning Jesus, it is what he wants for us and our lives not what our flesh wants or desires. Precisely why it’s called sacrifice. The sacrifice is ourselves to this world that we have let shape us. If it’s not Holy it’s not from God, if it goes against his word, it’s not from God period point blank. Sacrifice is hard but if it’s what I got to do to be at peace and feel his love, I will. And no demon in hell can stop what he intends for his glory and purpose. Try me now on the high road I choose to travel…….. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌 Thank you Lord for blessing me with so much more than I can see, thank you Lord for your continued Grace, oh thats Amazing Grace..

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