Fear is something that will control a person if they let it. Ever since I was born again I have struggled to get the words out of my mouth. Fear of what others would think of me or how they would perceive me based on my decisions that I have made in my past. The weight got too heavy and the moment I asked God to take all these negative feelings from me, the words unspoken started flowing. Flowing in the hopes that what the other person on the other side of the screen or page was reading would benefit them in their journey to the cross. Let’s face it life is just that the journey to the cross and as we find our way we are to be examples of the fact that it is possible and can be done. You are never too far gone for God to pick you up and wash you clean. Acceptance is key and the life he promises is so much better than the alternative. An everlasting paradise is so much better than what this world has to offer. I was pressed for along time until my ability to let the words flow was so much easier than the oppression of them. It was a trait that was instilled in me that wasn’t correct because of the fear. Fear is not of God and his ways or plans. When a person let’s go and let’s God do what he is best at that is when life begins to make sense and an overwhelming sense of peace sets in. My only fear now is the Lord and his wrath, this world means nothing to me except making the difference that could lead one person back home. Stay Blessed y’all šŸ™Œ Let Go and Let God!

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