Life is hard not for just one person but for everyone. Everyone fights battles everyday known or not, it’s life. This life was not made to be perfect, it was made for us to deal with our imperfections and learn better. To learn to be a better person so we can make it to perfection. Perfection only exists in heaven and only our heavenly father carries those attributes. We are perfectly imperfect human beings that are on the journey together. If someone is falling behind, we should help them because that is exactly what Jesus would do. I personally find my strength in the Lord and I can honestly say if it wasn’t for him I would not be alive today. He has carried me so many times that I have lost count, picked me back up and most importantly loves me for everything I am and am not. Just the same with everyone on this planet. True strength is found only with him. When he says put on your full armor of God, do it. Spiritual warfare is real and has been a repeated cycle for me for years but it finally stopped. The moment I realized my strength was found only with God and he is my only real need, the game changed. True colors started shining through and through. He will forever be number one in my life from now on and I don’t care who likes it or doesn’t like it. I will stand in glory one day before my father and he will say come daughter, this one I know well. My table is prepared, is yours? My strength to overcome things that were meant to destroy me comes from within, from my heavenly father. He is for me and I don’t care who may be against me, it doesn’t matter. Nobody can win a battle already won by him. If you are looking for strength, it is found with him. Lay whatever it may be down, at the foot of his cross, pick up your cross and proceed. It’s not easy, it gets heavy, but the reward is so much better than this world has to offer. An everlasting life of peace, happiness and love ❤️ I will take that. Open that door he will continue to knock until you do, the door to light and love. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

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