You have two choices when it comes down to life. Regardless of where you may be at in your life, good or bad. The power of the Holy Spirit is real and the wrath of God should make you afraid. Look in the mirror and all around you at all the beautiful things and people he has and will continue to make. To be made in the image of this loving father is a mighty thing. What you let define you is the choice one makes with their own free will. What will it be evil ties or butterflies 🦋 Your purpose is here and now and everyone has that instilled deep within the barriers of what you may feel that is impossible. With God nothing and I mean absolutely nothing is impossible Regardless of your past transgressions. We live and learn but the choice to love and do better is yours. Unlearn what you have been molded to think and be willing with an open mind to receive. God knows you better than anyone including yourself whether you like it or not, he made you. He knows where your heart and intentions are better than you so if you feel as if you are at war ask yourself about your intentions are they good or bad? If the things are not done out of love and purpose for him I would suggest you evaluate yourself. The past does not define you it’s the here and now how you choose to move forward. Move forward with love and let him lead your way. We can’t understand everything that happens but hope must never be lost. I have always had faith, hope, and love ❤️ because of what he has carried me through and so should you. Don’t look back and move forward with God at front and center of your life. Help the one who gave it all just as we are all sent here to do. Build up in your crucial role that he has for you in his army. Define yourselves with God.

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