Hope, Faith, and Love

The three essential traits one must always keep instilled in their lives. Regardless of my current and past situations, I have always been steadfast with all three. I have gotten frustrated many times but I have always held onto Hope, Faith, and Love regardless. Hope in God, Faith in what he will do in my life, and enough Love to do as he would do. I can be brutally honest at times but I don’t lie and if I have rest assured he has forgiven me for my transgressions. My relationship with my Heavenly Father is a daily work in which I have committed myself to and will continue forward with until he calls me home. My boundaries with that will be respected from anyone that chooses to be apart of my life, because he is my number one. I am different and I love every moment of it, it’s like the saying the cloth I am cut with isn’t made anymore and I know that. I believe things happen for reasons and for a greater purpose and I also believe when you believe with all your heart and soul, do the inner work and let go and let God amazing things happen. He is the only chain breaker and miracle worker and his way is the only way. Trials can and will make you question things but don’t you ever give up. Keep the Faith, never lose Hope, and move with nothing but love because he is love and love conquers all. Stay Blessed y’all πŸ™Œ

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