Jesus is the Reason

Let’s not forget the reason for the seasons. This season The Reason is about Jesus. His birth is what we are celebrating. Not the presents, the hustle and bustle part. May I encourage you if you are overwhelmed to stop and take inventory in that area. Celebrate the real reason for this season. Traditional speaking things can be done in a beautiful stress free manner. Enjoy spending time with your family, the moments, the little things because everything in life has a course. Work on building a strong foundation based on truth. The truth that surrounds the seasons. The birth of our savior. Through him we can have it all for eternity because he willing gave his only son for us. He died for us so that we can have that chance. A chance at redemption. It is possible regardless of your past transgressions. But you gotta change your ways and leave that stuff at the cross. Make that choice, to live that change, and live in Everlasting love. We are called to love and we should love. That is exactly what he called us to do. I love everyone so much I hope I see you all again and if my writing the truth is what it is then so be it. Its all for his glory anyway. During this holiday let’s remember what it is really about. Celebrate the birth of our savior and give him all the glory for it all. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

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