Everytime my perspective is shared my thoughts go to the effect of the butterfly. A beautiful thing actually to set back and observe the seeds that they plant and the changes that take place. My values were different once apon a time and they were selfish at times. When I gave my life to God and accepted his Son as my savior, my values changed. He has carried me many times through many things and when a person deeply analyzes themselves with God front and center he will led the way. He sure has my life regardless if I realized it or not at the time. My values in life revolve around him and spreading love and knowledge that has been gained through many trials that was only overcame through him and his wisdom he Blessed me to carry. My love for everyone will never change and my desire to see everyone healthy, happy and living in peace won’t be veered by the ways of this world. Look for answers with God he has supplied us with everything that we need, always has but we became greedy and ungrateful. Taking advantage of people because of lack of knowledge. The Bible preserves a history that we all should take seriously because it is however one of the oldest written records. Preserve history so that future generations can learn and know the wiles of the devil. His tricks never changed much and God’s word has always stood and will continue to stand. The effects of the butterfly can go far and wide and the roots are planted everywhere for all to see. Seeds of hope and future with the one that loves you more than anyone ever could. ❤️. This is My Journey to my Hero, God. Thus the Affect of the Butterfly 🦋

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