Denial of Self

The denial of self plays a crucial role in the relationship, one must seek on their own, with our heavenly Father. Something that must be done everyday, is to deny self. Something everyone in this world does is, struggle with something. Whether that be greed, lust, pride, ego, selfishness, vengeance, whatever negative trait that is driving you to struggle in someway. These are not attributes from our Heavenly Father. When you take that negative attribute or attributes to the foot of the Cross and you ask for forgiveness, they are too be left there. To pick up your Cross daily is a real thing and to deny oneself of whatever it may be is the sacrifice to him for him. He gave his life for us to have this chance and the debt is owed to him not to ourselves. Self is something this world revolves around as number one. When the care and concern of the relationship that a person has with their Heavenly Father is number one, that will include your self as a vessel for him. He made us and lives in each and everyone of is as he is the creator of all things good and we are all made in his image. The struggle of life is real and temptation is around every corner as the one who wants to devour what’s good, stands lurking on every corner waiting to intervene when one is weak. Stand Firm and he will flee. God’s battle was won on the cross so it’s not over for anyone to come back to him, just believe and be a good person. The rewards are Everlasting according to his purpose. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

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