Heal the Root

Healing requires a lot of accountability and forgiveness. When a person let’s go of their ego and pride, it makes this process easier. Humbling oneself in God’s presence and realizing your journey will be easier to let go and let God and realize he is the main root. He created our entire existence and everything to sustain us. The heavens, the moon, the stars, the planets, through space and time. He is one mighty God if my opinion is put out there. The water, the air we breathe,the earth, and everyone and everything that resides amoung us. It’s all his mighty hand work. The root to all that is good is God. Anything put here that isn’t good isn’t of him. Everything and everyone has a purpose in this life and it’s our responsibility to develop a relationship with God to move in his purpose, not ours, not what we may want for our glory. For what, what are you accomplishing outside of God’s will, probably not a complete life. Without him in my life something was always missing and i searched many times down the wrong avenues and ended up in heart break. Not saying you won’t have trials or heartbreak but with him a understanding comes. Nothing ever made sense without him but now what a vision that comes with him. The Root of this world needs healing and God needs to be front and center. Is it really that hard to follow his values and be a good person. Regardless not one person is better than the next because we all have fell short and sinned. Judgement Day is coming to everyone and I personal Fear only his Wrath, therefore I will continue to do as he instructed me to do and it’s in me to do it. I am not ashamed and the rest of my days will be used to serve his purpose through my purpose, all for his glory. Healing your Roots leads to the main Root and that is our Heavenly Father. Developing a relationship with him has been the best decision that I have made in my life and I wish the same for the rest of the human race. ❤️. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

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