God’s Grace

God’s grace for us as human beings is unmatched. He sent his one and only Son to model a life in which he expects us to follow. Showing grace for us in such a way enables us to be born again. This can be a painful process and only with him can it be done. Depending on the situation or the trama that a person has carried with them. We have all done things that is called sin but it’s not too late. When you acknowledge that the battle is on a spiritual level, the easier it will be. God is the living spirit in all things he has created. Therefore the good outweighs the bad because he won that battle and gave us choice. A choice, to make a change for the better. I pray everyone makes that change for the good, it’s never too late and your burdens are not so heavy that he hasn’t already carried them for you by giving his life. Jesus Christ came as our savior, rose as our redeemer, and will be back to reign as the King he has always been. I don’t know about you but I chose a long time ago the higher road before I even realized it. Took a lot of side roads all the while learning many valuable lessons. The fact of the matter is its not always easy but the effort is far more valuable than anything this world has to offer. Life is not something to be toyed with but something to use to make a good difference. One to benefit our human race for his glory. Miracle work does exist but only through our lord and savior Jesus Christ. He will show you the way, his way if you let him. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

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