Appreciation and being grateful goes hand in hand. Slow down and take a look around and gives thanks for what is present in your life. The people, the places, and the things. The smaller things that we take for granted in life, mean the most in the end. What we were able to do or to give to others. It’s not what we buy because ultimately that will rot away. Above all these things the most important is Love. Love for all and for everything that God has given us from the beginning of time. You can’t mistreat people and expect them to keep giving a part of themselves that they will never get back. You can keep mistreating our natural habitat and except her to keep giving back. The things that will have by the grace of God can’t be mistreated because they too will soon have an end. We have to give in order to receive. We can’t keep taking from our environment because of greed and personal gain. We need to stop and start giving back. Put nature back, giving more than we take. Give back to people even if they can’t give back to you, a difference and an example is set through kindness. We have to do the work because the grace of God is what enables us to be able to still be here to do the work. For him, his glory, his purpose. My perspective on life is different than most and I am finally okay with that. I have carried shame for a big part of my life due to my actions and decisions that I have made through my journey but no more. I am who I am and that is who he made me to be and silent is not included in that. My fears crippled me many times in the past but no more. For my God has overcame it all and what pain he endured for all of us. Give back unselfishly and see what transpires. We all have the choice ultimately to do what’s right so choose wisely and reap the benefits of God Almighty. Stay Blessed y’all πŸ™Œ

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