God is Faithful

Everyone has a story and none are the same. My story has been filled with lots of ups and downs but God has always been faithful to me. I haven’t always been faithful to him but he has always been faithful to me. Nobody has always been faithful to God but he has always been faithful to us all. Simply waking up in the morning to get another chance at another day. To be able to live and breathe in his creation. We should never take for granted what he has bestowed apon us as gifts in this life. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Because he loves us all. He created this entire universe for our benefit and thought enough of everyone to include us all in his purpose. Stop taking advantage of his gifts and being greedy. At this point we should start putting way more back than we take if we expect generations after us to thrive. Everything works together for the good to those that believe and this is something I feel very strongly about. God is faithful and set us up from the beginning when he created earth don’t let today’s society deter you from that realty. This land, the entire universe is Gods property loaned to us. If you seek you will find, behold he stands at the door of your heart and knocks. This world is not worth losing your soul for, he has so much more in store for those that believe. Belief in his sacrifice is what makes this a possibility for us all. The sacrifice of his only Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. His Holy Spirit lives across space and time through everyone and everything that he created. Nothing can ever change that. Free Will is what gives the option and those free will choices we make leads to bad news sometimes but he is a Faithful God that forgives and let’s us make the choice to change for the better, his way. Hardest battle ever but worth every ounce of the pain. Rest assured God is faithful and is always true no storm is ever to much for him to break through. Stay Blessed y’all πŸ™Œ

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