Lack Of

Everything in this life is fleeting except what is hid away in our soul. In today’s society money is essential for survival on many levels. What it buys is fleeting and does not create something that is meaningful, on a soul level. Meaningful things, true happiness comes from having a relationship with God and acting accordingly within his standards. Temporary voids are filled with money, the void of love for whatever it may be. Money can’t buy your way to heaven but it makes life easier here. Prioritizing your life According to God’s standards is what will bring happiness to our lives. Not your will your way. Buying this that and the other brings temporary happiness and those that have not done without the things that really mean the most probably won’t understand this. Stop taking things for granted and being selfish. Been there and done that, thinking things will always remain regardless of the way they are treated. The Lord gives and he takes away and if the thought of it never happening to you crosses your mind better think again. The questions of why me lord gets the answer of why not you. Prioritize life according to his standards and see what changes. Honestly the little things in life means the most and what you choose to do according to his will. God has high standards and so do I because his purpose drives me now. My actions in the past did not aline but i will continue the rest of my days making sure that they do. Stay Blessed y’all πŸ™Œ

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