Trama and Triggers

With God All Things Are Possible. Through my journey, my lessons have not came easy, as with all human beings, regardless of the free will choice to actually stop, slow down and really exam the emotions. Emotions that one feels on the negative side play a vital role in the trigger of an unhealed trama that one may have. Since God is the Root of our being we should act in a way that he instructed in the beginning. He was and still is the forgiving, loving, God that created us and everything surrounding us, for our benefit. The negative side is the one that doesn’t want us to move as he intends for us to move, for his greater good and purpose. Therefore when the mind feels under attack that hindrance is not of God. God wants the best for us all but the work has to be done through a heart felt free will choice. Forgive the people that mishandled situations that transpired in your life. To sit back and look and realize that they were unhealed and looking for their identity just as it was with you, is the biggest load off the shoulders ever. This world is full of people and their mistakes and when the acknowledgement comes that this is our training ground for God’s greater purpose things will be seen more clearly. He said thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, the Lords Prayer. Resentment is something that is no longer held in my heart for anyone as I want to see us all at his table. That is loving one another and in a big way. Mistakes are a big part of life and learning from those is how we grow in spirit. The world today that has been built is not in spirit but in self. Slow down get to know yourself on a deeper level and accept people as they are because on their time-line they will heal when they make that choice to make the change for the better, free will choice. The acceptance of our Lord God, through his sacrifice of his only son is what makes it possible. My opinion on the control that has been used through religion will not change as my swimming on this issue has been in the deep down bottomless pit of this life. The history left behind for us as humans has been misrepresented and misused for selfish reasons of control of whatever the case may have been or still is. It’s actually pretty simple but we let our flesh stand in the way of lots of things. Our needs and wants that are not on a spiritual level. God has a purpose for all pain and all struggles but we as humans have to take on the initiative to discover what they may be. Life on earth is nothing short of hard because of society and what we have been molded into believing or thinking. Change has been my middle name because my identity was not found until he picked me up and carried me, speaking of God. Before my actions were different but now my voice has been found through my prayers and my gifts. My acceptance of less than what my God wants for me and his kingdom will not do as moving with him is what will be done. My worth stands just as it always will, regardless of other people. I cannot stress enough to heal your hearts as we never know the time that is left. Move with God and his intentions and see how life will transform right before the world to see. Thought you knew me think again as God is in my story now and has been from the beginning. My stubbornness has caused me to learn the hard way. Once I was blind but now I see, so much more for the whole world to see. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

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