Church Leaders

I write on things that cross my mind because, frankly, lines of communication are closed due to personal reasons. Church leaders should lead by example, not manipulating people to believe a certain way. I will not shut up or be quite on spreading the gospel because I am a woman with a past not ideal. The only person I am here to please is God, and that’s it and spread the good seeds of hope. Better come out of those prideful ways because that is one thing God hates is pride. I am humble, and I have always been as I learned from the best of being the way. God has humbled me more than once in my life, but I will always continue forward with my head held high. As church leaders should lead by example and not in court rooms with unforgiveness in their hearts because of being vengeful. Deacons should be honorable men who lead their house as they should not because they are long-time family friends. Churches should be utilized from a heartfelt biblical standpoint. All of this is in the Bible. It can’t be made up, only translated wrong. Vengeance is not something a church leader should participate in and placing leaders in undeserving positions according to their friendship status. We as Christians have got to get it together for his glory, not ours. Say what you will about me, but I know I’m covered by the blood and pray everyone finds their way home. To be vengeful regardless of the circumstances is not christ like, so try acting accordingly. That may be a little direct, but it’s the truth, and I will stand firm on it. Stay Blessed y’all πŸ™Œ


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