Christ Like

The beautiful story of Jesus’s walk in this life was just one big love story. I have always loved a good love story. He came, he saw, and he conquered all of our sins simply because he loved us all. To think one person felt all the pain that we as individuals inflict on one another. My thoughts can’t wrap around that pain. They did horrible things to him, and he knew they were going to and chose us. The chance at redemption and Everlasting life that is minus all the bad this world has to offer. That was bought by his blood, not the shedding of others’ blood. The battle is and has already been won by him, but we as a society have been made to believe otherwise because of control of some form. And the root of all that evil is, in fact, money because it has been made a necessity for our lifestyles today. The truth of the matter is through experiences I have been with and without material things, and it’s is ultimately the small things that mean the most. We are more fortunate than what we realize. My gratitude starts with the small things. Like when I washed my clothes by hand almost 6 years and hung them out to dry. That wasn’t a thing I enjoyed, but it gave me time to think. Think about all the small stuff that we take for granted daily. Having running water anytime rather than it being delivered twice a week. Buying fresh meat on a daily basis walks to stores to get things needed, etc. Cooking three times a day because fast food doesn’t exist. The things we take for granted, like the simplicity of having electricity. Cooking on a fire is great, though. The flavor it gives food is unmatched. Foraging through the fields for greens and Calabasas. The lessons that I learned were valuable, and the time doing these things made me really reflect. God always made a way, though, regardless. That makes me extra thankful for what I do have now and what I was actually taking for granted. Some say rudely awakened I say lessons learned. So when I explain my feelings about things, know that they are from my heart as I do know what it is like on lots of things. God gave us so many things to enjoy and use, but instead, we take a lot for granted, always wanting more. You know what? I want more peace and love and for this world to heal. To forgive one another, to love, to take care of our planet, and what he gave us to utilize for our good. The birds, the bees, the flowers, the trees, and the open seas. All of this was our gift, and we should utilize it appropriately. Open your eyes and see just what he did do for you and me. Just believe. Over the years, I have slowly developed a relationship with God, but now it is full blown, and I intend to proceed forward just in that way. It has been tough, but it has been worth the fight. The ultimate love story that Christ gave us all is found in the pages of the Bible. His sacrifice is what made it possible because we all are born into sin. I pray the realization of the importance of a relationship with God is bestowed on the worldwide nation he created. He lives among us all because he created us all and for purpose. Purpose to fulfill his glorious kingdom that nobody can outshine. No more tears and no more sorrows. Sounds like that’s the place I want to be, and I want it for the whole world to see and just be. The greatest love story in the world made it possible. So, know if you are facing something today or feel as if you are searching for something, take it to the cross, and leave it there. There will be battles after that, but praying changes things. He can, and he will make things happen. Just believe, have faith, never lose, hope, and always above all love.


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