The Great Divide

Centuries ago, this started when the world began. The great deceiver of all time came in the form of a snake. Through the years, it has only gotten worse as he has slithered his way into the hearts of many. Labels or classification of whatever is a joke. Let’s place labels on the people so that they think they are different, and that will cause pride to seep in. God doesn’t like pride, and those that carry it will be humbled. To be unashamed is one thing, but prideful is a characteristic. Without knowing someone, it is hard to tell the difference. Never judge a book by its cover because the contents are completely different than the cover. The great divide includes race classifications for one. Classifications of races, religions, color, upper, middle lower class. That list can be extended, but I hope my point can be made with what I included. Governments have been the sole source of these problems as they need this for what.? God created us all equal, and all these labels are used for is to divide us into categories. One thinking they are better than the other when, in all reality, our mission here remains the same. Our soul purpose that God created us all for. We are all unique in our capabilities, and we all have a purpose. Don’t let the great divide come in between what God has for you. Lose the hate because not one person is better than the next. There is ultimately a good mission and a bad one which I have through my life traveled enough down that bad one to know that is not where I want to go. To come together to fulfill his purpose is so much more important than anything, and it’s all good, so who doesn’t want that. I know I do. So rise up to the occasion and walk his way for it is good and not to be compared to anything this world has to offer. Don’t be fooled the enemy is closer than you think, and we as humans must Rise to the occasion of turning this world around toward the good by coming back together as we should be. The great divide has to stop. I know many for years have endured lots of hurt due to these things, but we can make it better by forgiveness. Don’t let their games overwhelm you as that is exactly what is wanted for control for their agendas. Still I Rise and I hope this is joined by many. Stay Blessed y’all πŸ™Œ


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