The beautiful thing about humans is that we are all different ❀️ Each person has been strategically made, and each has their own qualities. A difference in a person can mean everything when your lessons in life reach that one soul that needs it. And of course, in the best way possible. Reach down and help others with your experience, and don’t be ashamed. That testimony can save more lives than you may ever know. And to think that a pastor or a religious leader does not understand this is beyond my comprehensiveness. To lead Christ-like is not easy but for the pure of heart it is. Some reshaping in the qualities of the leaders needs to be done. I want to encourage every beautiful soul to shine regardless of your differences with others. What your path has been could be exactly what one person needs to hear in order to be saved. Know each and every person has value and don’t be afraid to let that shine among all. To fish is our job not to make one feel ashamed for their shortcomings and struggles and to follow a misconstructive view of life. What rock are you building on today? God is my rock, and my salvation and all I intend to sow is good. So be encouraged to shine just as you are reroute your life for the good of all. The possibility of everyone taking up and carry your cross is there for we all have the equal chance because of his sacrifice. That testimony that you hang on to is exactly what God wants to use for his kingdom, so don’t be ashamed, be different, and shine as you are intended to for the good.


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