Something New

Life is hard, but it is impossible without God. We have to work and establish a relationship with our Father, and in today’s society, it makes it hard to do it sometimes. Especially if we don’t know about God. Not everyone has had the opportunity growing up to learn about our Creator, our Father, and his wants and desires for us as his children. And some have and have distorted views based on personal gains. His purpose is what it’s about not us or other people. Our father will correct us also. He will correct you until you see what it is that you need to learn and do. That can cause life to seem chaotic and like it is falling apart, but in all reality, it is falling into place. The place where he sees that it should be, not us. Yes, we have the free will to choose, but if it’s the wrong choice, consequences will follow suit. That’s why it’s important to develop a relationship with our Father and listen to his instructions. Through prayer, answers will be given. Love is the way through lots of work and forgiveness. Not a person in this world is better than the next as we all have fallen short. We all deserve the same chances, and through him, it can be found. Jesus died for this reason to give us that chance at everlasting life. Don’t pass it up as it will be more glorious than we can imagine. If you find yourself in the midst of chaos, just know through him something wonderfully new is about to be born. The shaping and molding is painful but worth it all in the end. He will ultimately show you he knows you better than anyone as he created us all for his purpose. Stay Blessed y’all πŸ™Œ


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