The most vital part of an established relationship with God is prayer. Prayers change things and make no mistake about God’s ultimate purpose will prevail. He had already won the battle on the cross when his Son Jesus died for our sins. I don’t care what may have transpired in your life. You can be made new again through him his acceptance and change for the good. Everyone has something to offer precisely why everyone is different. Your experience through mistakes is a guide back to people that you can reach down and help up. Spreading the good word of him and his promises, just being a good person in general. The Ten Commandments were put there for a reason. All humans have broken those in one way or another, but his sacrifice gives us the choice to do better and be better. We should take care of one another and his gifts to us as he intended. It is well within my soul what he promises for us all. Open your eyes and see just what you mean to him and what your neighbors mean to him also as he loves us all the same. Just be kind to one another and help others who have fallen. Everyone has a purpose that is much deeper than one can imagine. Prayer changes things always has and always will. My prayer is worldwide for everyone to feel the peace of God’s presence in everyone and everything he created, which is all good. A prayer for the hatred and blood shed to stop over things that don’t matter in the end. Peace, love, and forgiveness in the hearts of all. May everyone rest in his promises forever just as God intends. Stay Blessed y’all πŸ™Œ


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