Purpose in Pain

Without God in my life, my opinion on this was different. Through him, peace is found in all areas of life. Whether it be grieving or whatever, he will give the peace that is desired in your heart. God is the only one who can fill those heart spaces. Taking a good look at my life, my references went back to where he intended things to be and how he intended things to be in the first place. So, I started adjusting accordingly, and I received resistance. That is the right direction 👏. Resistance because of my trying to line up with God. The wrong way is always easier because the wrong one has a foot hold into your life. The right way is harder when God hasn’t always been placed accordingly. Battles will come and go, but on a soul level, it will be well. Until I found him and his arms around me, I tried to feel voids of loss with things that I should not have, but now I understand. Understanding is way harder than judging a book by the cover. Skimming the surface of someone based on their past is irrelevant, especially when the picture that is trying to be painted doesn’t exist anymore. Anyone who doesn’t have the right relationship with God needs healing on some level. Whether it be like my case that I never had my Father in his proper place. Had I my life would be completely different up to this point. Thankful is an understatement of my feelings toward him for never leaving me regardless of where I may have been. So, my understanding of purpose in pain has drastically changed. Every pain and heartbreak that I have felt in this life is understood by not only my Father but myself as well. That understanding has not been easy as it has been shown through some hard-hitting truths that I did not see before. God has a funny way of showing up and showing out, though. There is purpose in all pain and if you may be struggling with finding the answers in some area of your life, God is the best counselor ever, and he will show you through lots of work and dedication. First is acceptance, repenting, and changing your life around to aline with his ways, not yours. Life is about God and his purpose, not our ways and our wants. Our ways and our wants are fleshly desires that should be denied. It’s not easy. I would be lying to say that it is but worth the peace that God will give a person deep on a soul level. Value your life with his standards and watch what happens. I guarantee he will show you the purpose in your pain. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


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