Broken Hearts

This is something everyone experiences, broken hearts. Could be due to grief or many other things as well. Grief is something that has been one of my personal issues that caused me to go on a self-destructive path for years. God helped me when I finally turned over all my broken pieces to him. All the weight that my decisions caused me to carry for so long. Finally, one day, it got too heavy and dropped me to my knees. God picked me back up and started a miraculous work in me. Working through all the weight that I carried and making peace with it all. Never have I ever thought of myself as perfect because I know the mistakes that I have made. Never have I or will I ever deny those, but God freed me of the weight. The weight of shame, guilt, and just being broken hearted for so long. He took those from me, took the weight, and now I will stand for the rest of my days for my Father first and foremost. Being broken-hearted is not easy, nor is it easy to say it was caused by my actions or decisions. It’s called accountability, and I assume all my wrongdoings. I’m not ashamed either because I have learned some valuable lessons through my 43 years. But I will say none of my work has been done alone. God has been my potter, and he will be yours too as he loves you just as much as the next person. So, if you may be struggling today with something, I pray you find the peace that God wants you to have. The peace of his presence and his guiding light. Let him work the puzzle of your life today because he is the only way. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


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