Continuously learning is something I have always enjoyed, and I personally take as much in as possible. When I was in my selfish era, that was not a concern of mine because I was operating in such a way as it was just me, speaking on my addiction. Never taking into consideration nothing or anyone else. Addiction changes a person into something they truly are not, and it breaks my heart to see now. Lost souls that are functioning for the bare minimum. Why settle for less than what God wants for you? These are things that I asked my sober self years later into my journey because that’s when I really started digging deep. Then it occurred to me, lack of knowledge. It started with who I was, what kind of person I was, and what my desires were. Helping people God told me. He said what a testimony your life has been. Look where you are now and how much you have overcame, and you didn’t know it was me carrying a lot of the way. Yes, I do know if God had taken his hand off me, I wouldn’t be alive today. So many times that I remember that I took too many pills and was scared to go to sleep because I knew if I had, I would not wake up. Traveling across a foreign country alone to make my trip back home to encounter being pulled over and etc. By cartel members and military forces masked all the way up. By the Grace of God, he helped me overcome a lot of things. God was with me the whole time and still is. That’s only a little bit of my story, and that is where my recovery began. The trauma and healing have taken longer and are a continuing process that happens every day. None of this would have been possible without God. That’s why I spread his word and promises as much as possible. Through my experiences in life, I have gained a lot of knowledge in a lot of different areas. My passion includes God first and foremost. He created me to be an example for others to see just what he did through me. Regardless of where you are at or what you may be doing or have done, it isn’t too much for him to carry. Take inventory of your life, and you may see just what you mean to him. How many situations should you have not survived that you did? Then, look for the good what you may have learned and take that and use it. Use it for a greater good that won’t be completely understood, might I add. And that’s okay because God’s understanding is not of our own. But all things work together for the good for those who believe and when I became a believer everything changed. My life was flipped upside down, and it all makes perfect sense now. I have passions for certain things like helping people, and that is exactly what he wants us to do, to help one another get through. So if my story helps one person or maybe a passion that I may have, I have done my work because my Father said. I will never be ashamed of anything else again, and only through God I have found this to be the truth. Knowledge is what you will get from me because God knows what he will do through me. The times have been bad lately in the world, for years, actually, but a lot of knowledge has been lost to us through the years. Basic survival guides that we should have in place. God is number one. Other knowledge I speak of is worldly knowledge because there are too many Chiefs and not enough Indians everywhere. God gave us everything to sustain us when he created this planet, and if there is corruption in our so-called governments, the people have a Godly right to use to fight back. It requires work and hard work but is much more peaceful and fulfilling. Take control back through God’s gifts to us, and a lot of these problems would stop and suddenly disappear because you are not feeding them. Lack of knowledge, remember that. It all started with God from the beginning, and it will end just the same. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


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