Fear of God

This is something a lot of people have forgotten about or just don’t care because they are chasing worldly ways. When I was in pursuit of these things, something always fell or broke apart. I didn’t know God and was not pursuing what he wanted for me. What he intended for my life. My fleshly desires were above him, and they should not have been. My relationship with God was not where it should have been. Thus, my pursuit would inevitably fail. Now I know because through me putting in the work for that relationship, it has flourished. He enlightens me on more than I care to know, but it is for my ultimate good in the end. I stand firm and will not conform to the ways of this world as that is not what he wants for me or my family. If a person thinks pursuing material things that will eventually rot away is going to get you somewhere, they are sadly mistaken. If it is not being used for his greater good, what worth does it actually have? Everyone has a call on their life that should be paved out through an example. Your life should be an example for others to see the work of God. The choice is that of the individual as we all have a free will choice that we are responsible for making. What decisions are you making today? Do they line up with what God would have done, or are they lining up with what you want or just for your benefit? Well, my life is being lined up accordingly to how he intends, and it is one of the finest lines that I have ever attempted to walk. The struggle is real, but it is doable. I fear God and we as a society have lost this fear due to selfish reasons. It’s time the fear of God and doing the right things return. All laws and governing authorities should governor under these first and foremost and then branch off. Not in ways to get around them but to implement those. In God, we trust it is supposed to be not in money we trust. The root of all evil and its sad. Fear your creator cause if he is powerful enough to create the beginning to the end, what makes you think he won’t correct his creation. My advice for everyone is to get it together and realize the wrath of God is something that is to be feared. Chaos and confusion come from the enemy, and I will not be in any way shape form or fashion involve myself in such plans anymore. As my hope, faith, and love ā¤ļø lay at the feet of Jesus. My father, which art in heaven had already prevailed that day his son was crucified on the cross by the very same people he went there for. The fear of God is a real thing for me, and it should be for everyone in society. It’s narrow, but the rewards are worth it. Let go and let God he has already paved the way. Stay Blessed y’all šŸ™Œ


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