God Guides

Where God guides, he provides. Regardless of your circumstances, where there is a breathe there is life and purpose. Sometimes, it’s hard to see, especially during tribulations. During the tribulations in my life, my comfort was and is found in God. He comforted me and has been working in my life for a long time now. When I felt like I had nobody, he was there and picked me up and slowly started shaping and molding me anew. He renewed my mind and accepted me just as I was and began a work in me. He has corrected me more than once, and it is a daily relationship that I seek with him. He is my hope, and through my faith, I find his never-ending love for me every day. Thankful, grateful, and blessed is an understandment. He has shown me qualities that I so effortlessly hold and instructs me on how to use these for his greater plans. He will lead and guide and provide instructions for all, well, to those who listen and seek him. Take the time with God, and he will take the time with you. You seek him, and he will find you as he is living within all of his creations and knows when his children really call upon his name. He knows hearts and minds of all and misses nothing. Let him conduct your life how he intends for it to be. The best decision that I have ever made was the day I turned everything over to him. My hope is for all to do the same, to find the strong arms of God’s love ❤️ Stay Blessed 🙌


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