Afflictions are Many

We were all born into sin. Shaped and molded by mostly things of this world. Our molding starts in the home, and whatever is passed down usually keeps on going unless we make the decisions to change along the way. Sadly, lots of homes have been morally dead for generations. But the change can start with the person today. Afflictions are many with men but can be wiped away clean by our Heavenly Father. There is not one person on the planet that this does not apply to as we were all born into this sinful world. It is easy to get wrapped up and go the easiest way out. It’s a harder path when implementing these correctly in life as we live today. I personally can attest that I have been hit left and right and from side to side ever since I really dug deep and really started implementing the biblical way to be, how we were created to be. When the rose colored glasses fall off your eyes and you see through spiritual lenses, everything and everyone looks different. If you don’t know God, I highly suggest you get to know him because the times are not good now. We all have Affliction and many at that, but the free will choice is yours to make to turn things around. He will wipe all those away and renew you and mold you into the person he created you to be. Drop the ways of this world, and the love of money is the root cause of all sins. That by itself will lead a person down a path of destruction in more ways than one. Repent to him and come clean, forgive those that have caused pain, and move with God the rest of your days. Through him, you can be set free of any pain and misery. My prayer is for all to find him today. Let him wipe your afflictions away.


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