A Relationship

You can read throughout the Bible, and all the stories are of people who were broken. Stories about people and their relationship with God. I see a lot of circulation through social media about soul mates that people are looking for. Throughout my journey in life, I have found out the hard way that on this earth, that doesn’t exist. I have found that I found my true soul mate. My missing puzzle piece to my life was the relationship that I did not have with God. It was that relationship that I sought so many years and kept running from through whatever sin I committed. Too many times, I listened to the enemy and fell in his traps to detour my life and not live the way My Father intended for all humans to live. Perfection on this earth does not exist with anyone. The only human that walked this earth as a perfect human was Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son. Through him, you will find redemption when you give your life over to him and make the change. If you are struggling with things in your life or are just in a dark place, ask yourself how that relationship is between you and your Father. Are you living the way God said you should, or are you just living for you? What things or decisions have caused you to be in that place and take accountability for those. I personally am well aware of my mistakes, and I have paid dearly for them. The people that have passed through my life, well some of them still deny theirs, and that’s okay, God will take that up with them because he is the only person that can give you peace in your life. Until you get right, you will not have his peace. A peace that will surpass all when you walk his way. So, if you are running from that relationship today with drugs, alcohol, money, sex, lust, whatever you are putting before your relationship with God, stop. Stop running from him and run to him. All he wants is to give you that perfect love that we all seek, that perfect relationship that we long for. It’s all found in the arms of our Heavenly Father. Of course, we would grieve the perfect love of our creator, and it’s okay. It’s not too late. So please, I beg you run to him today and live his way. Stay Blessed y’all ❤️ 🙌


The Lords Prayer

Our Father is how Jesus taught that we should talk to God in prayer. Our Father, which Art in Heaven. Because the creator of the universe, the creator of mankind, the creator of all things good, came from him. God, our Father, created such miraculous work through all of space and time. What a mighty hand he has. If you stop, slow down, and take a look around, his hand is everywhere. What a blessing to just be and to be a part of his creation. He deserves nothing less than that title, Father, because without him, none of this race would be in existence today. We are all of the human race, and I’m honestly sick of the labels and titles that have been put on people for division purposes through the years. All lives matter regardless. All are living on borrowed time and borrowed property because this place called Earth belongs to the Almighty God, Our Father. For he created all things good. The earth was created first with everything to sustain the human race he created after. And all life has a purpose. God never intended for things to be as they are today, but since all was born into this sinful world that has been deceived by the great deceiver, being born again is a must. You see, when God allowed his only Son to come into this world, he did that out of love to defeat the prince of darkness. And it all came to pass as it did so the human race would have a chance at eternal life with Our Father, whom Art in Heaven. Jesus Christ is the reason and deserves all the glory for you, even having the breath of air in your lungs. today. And he will return and reign as our King with no more evil ever. Sounds like something very heavenly to me, considering what is taking place in these last days. I have no desire to suffer for eternity as my desire is peace, love, and to take with me as many who are willing to go by spreading his word for his glory. For God’s army, I will recruit as many as I can and fight the good fight for the rest of my days. I love everyone, and honestly, I pray for everyone to rejoice together one day in Heaven. Lord knows I have many loved ones that I want to see again one day. Go to Our Father today and let him lead the way. Let go of this world and its ways and live for our Father, which Art in Heaven, his Holy Spirit, will lead the way.        Stay Blessed y’all ❤️🙌                                  

Respect and Value

Respect and value are big ones for not only God but humans as well. When you don’t know respect and value through God’s eyes, you have missed the mark. When you respect and value God’s word and what he wants for your life, you will begin to develop a relationship with him and through that relationship and his word he will show you how you must conduct yourself. That is called having your life in an order in which he said for humans to operate in. When a person is out of line with God’s word and his ways, it will eventually crush you. You may feel rejected, like you have no value because of that deep soul wound of operating out of his will for your life. It has taken me years to conclude this and a lot of heartache. Might I add forgiveness is a must toward yourself and others as well. I remember stepping out of God’s will for the first time in my life, and I also remember how that made me feel, and now I know why. I was operating based on what my flesh wanted to do and not what he would have had me do. Sacrificing your fleshly desires is a real thing, and in society today, following those desires is around every corner. From social media to television and even in some homes, access to things is way too easy and part of everyday life. All in plain sight, the devils’ ways are not hidden. You watch television or movies, and people engage in cheating, killing, porn, and all these things bring thoughts to a path not intended for you to travel. Wars and the killing of innocent people because some think they are going to somehow control a world that belongs to Jesus Christ, and I  guarantee it is over the root of all evil, money. None of this is alright or okay, and it all is out of line with God’s word. It starts in the home to instill these commands that God said that humans should abide by. The children have to be taught to respect and value themselves and others, and it must be taught to the children to seek a relationship with our Heavenly Father so he can guide them through life as he left his word and commandments for that. Teach the girls to wait until marriage to engage in sex, having that one partner in which they will spend their lives inside of God’s word. Teach the boys to respect and honor the girls by not taking initiative actions that cause both to act out of God’s will, giving into their fleshly desires. It’s all fun and games until lives are affected because of ignorance. Just because people that may be around you are doing it doesn’t mean you should. This whole world is out of line with God’s will in more ways than one, and it’s the people who have to make the changes. Don’t stand for the things that you know are wrong and live as God says to live. God values all humans alike, and I think it’s time that humans do the same for him by walking his way, not our fleshly ways or what society deems acceptable. Society is a joke and completely out of line with God and his ways, something that I will not partake in anymore as I give my life to God wholeheartedly and will spread his word out of love for all. So lose this world’s ways today because with God, it is the only narrow way. Stay Blessed y’all ❤️ 🙌


This is an awful feeling, shame. When you are not living your life as God directed, this can be a very destructive emotion. When we as humans make mistakes that are not in line with God’s word, it will cause this emotion. And until a mend is made with your Father that Art in Heaven about whatever it may be that is causing you to feel this emotion, it will continue to cause problems. You may even resort to unhealthy behaviors because you refuse to listen to God’s voice. Shame is a natural response that a human will feel because we have gone against our Father’s desires for us. Most likely, the person is out of line with his word, and since God created humans, we will naturally feel this way, shameful regarding our actions. I carried this emotion around for years and with many things. Because I was living outside of God’s will regarding my life. I was running after my fleshly desires, lustful behaviors, whether it be addiction or sex outside of marriage or money or whatever it may have been. Until I fully turned my life over to God wholeheartedly, I felt this way. What a mess that God cleaned up in my life, that I made. Acknowledge these things through prayer and ask him to forgive you, but mean it. You must seek him with your whole heart and lay your life down as you know it and walk his way. The peace that I feel you will understand when you actually turn it all over to our Father. Don’t carry shame for mistakes that you make through this life, and don’t let others make you feel shameful because nobody is better than the next, and everyone has fallen short regardless of how they may portray themselves. Nobody has the right to cast judgment against another. I plant seeds in hopes that they grow into something bigger and better for Gods glory, not my own. I owe him my life because he gave me life, and I am grateful for it all, I always have been. So don’t let the naysayers and critics get to you as he died for you just as he did for everyone on this earth. Drop the shame at the foot of the cross today because Jesus Christ already came and made your way. I pray for everyone to receive the same grace and mercy he has shown me. Lose the shame at the foot of the cross you will find the way. Stay Blessed y’all ❤️ 🙌

The Light

When can you tell your story and it not make you cry anymore you have reached another level. I let things build up over so many years and never really healed from anything. Until the weight got so heavy, and I felt a cycle of events about to be repeated. I broke down completely, 42 years of pain, mistakes, heartache, shame, grief, and all at once. It took me to my knees once again. I have always been a believer, and I have never questioned God’s existence regardless of my trials. I have always stood firm with that belief. My choices in life were not based  on him they were based on what my flesh wanted. It took a lot of heartache for me to come to this realization. There was a lot of pain sorrow and trials, but here I am today 43 years old and telling you with God all things are possible. Regardless of my bad decisions, he has always been with me and carried me through it all. Addiction, depression, grief, lust, you name it I have struggled with it until I wholeheartedly went to the cross a broken mess. I know now why I felt out of place and like I didn’t belong because I never belonged to him first. If I can leave you with one piece of advice, build your life on the rock that God has provided for everyone to build on. Put him first, and you will see his mighty hand move like nobody’s business. I only wish I had completely surrendered to him earlier on in my life but I know that was not the way my life was suppose to go as I would not know what I do know now to be able to share with those who may need to hear what I do have to say. With God, you can overcome anything. There is no sin that you can’t be forgiven for, and he is the only way, the only truth, and the only light that can do that. His Son Jesus Christ is who you have to thank for the opportunity to be born again in such a way. His Holy Spirit will do a work in you that will renew your mind and give you a heart just as Christ. Only the mighty hand of God can do this, and I am here to tell you that the peace that comes with that is how I smile. It is the brightness that I carry with me daily because I strive to walk in the spirit. So when you see that, don’t be envious because it did come with a price. I carry that well because God forgave me and lifted it all off me and has been molding me into the person that he intends for me to be. It is a daily walk, a relationship that you have to pursue in prayer every day. You will struggle because of this world and your flesh, but with God, all things are possible to those who believe. I share Bible verses a lot on my social media because I love everyone enough to spread the truth of what took me years to learn the hard way. If you haven’t given your life to Christ, my prayer is for you to do that today, because trust me when I say he is the only way to the peace that you seek. That missing piece in your life that you try to fill with whatever your flesh is telling you to fill it with, Jesus Christ, is the only piece that will fit properly. Don’t run. Complete your life’s puzzle today, God is the only way. Let him light your way. Stay Blessed y’all ❤️ 🙌


Seems to be a trait of most people in society today, having agendas. When you truly receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you will hate the sins you once loved. The Holy Spirit will come and do a work in you, and you will be given a new heart and a new mind. It is part of the journey of being born again. So ask yourself with whatever it may be: Does your agenda line up with the heart of Christ? What are you gaining by accomplishing what you are striving to do, or is it for the works of the Lord? The only accomplishment that I personally wish to get is a lost soul for his glory and his kingdom, which is the rock that I write on, the goals that I have in mind when thinking long term is for his gain and glory not of my own. Yes, I have loads of ideas to advance his kingdom, reaching down in the deep helping others, but patience is key to all, and I will move when the Lord says move. To die to oneself of their fleshly desires is the cross you carry every day. The power of the Holy Spirit makes this possible. It’s a daily walk taken with him daily, not weekly, not monthly, and certainly not yearly. The establishment of that relationship must be the first and top priority in your life. It’s hard and a battle, but it is worth it all. The peace that surrounds you internally and externally that surpasses all. No matter what you do in life, make sure the glory is his. Whatever is sown out of line with God’s word will be reaped. Join the good fight today, and I pray for all to be saved and to let God light your way.


Thankful, grateful, and blessed to live on this beautiful planet. I am thankful that God thought enough of me to establish my existence on this earth and give me the chance to join him in his kingdom one day. He died for me to have that right, and I could never repay that debt. He died, so everyone had that chance. So when you think of no greater man that laid his life down for his friends, you think of him first and foremost. I am grateful to live in a place where we were supposed to be built around In God we Trust, and I am also grateful to the men and women who fought for our freedom and sacrificed their lives for that freedom because many countries are dictated around the world and can not do that. The governments worldwide have been corrupt for years, and they have had their several different agendas that they think nobody sees. God sees all and all the misleading of innocent people for their personal gains. The governments worldwide need to get back to the established laws that were left here for humans to abide by from the beginning and stop making laws to make others feel better about their sins. The world is in chaos because of agendas that have nothing to do with the people who pay the governments to run. It is disgraceful, and it disgusts me. Your riches will mean nothing in the end, and there is not one thing you can do about God’s wrath that will be brought on by your sinful ways and ideas. I want to take the time to thank all those who lost their lives, so I have the privilege to speak up and join the fight. Let freedom ring all around because that right they fought for and gave to me on this land from sea to shining sea. My Godly rights will never be taken from me, and I hope everyone can see this and believe God meant everyone to be free. He died first and foremost for the whole world to be free. Thank you to all the brave souls who lost their lives defending our freedom. I salute each and every soul, and may you all find peace with our Father, which art in Heaven. May you all rest in peace. Stay Blessed y’all ❤️ 🙌


The Holy Spirit descended down on the disciples fifty days after Easter, when Jesus rose. What miraculous things transpired throughout history. Thus, the Holy Spirit will reside here until Jesus returns. Since God created all things good, his spirit resides in all. To accept and to learn this is a free will choice. Why do bad things happen in the world today? Because people are using their free will choices to do wrong, that is why. You have to make the choice and make the change for betterment. If people make free will choices to do unjust things unjust things will happen. Reconizing this and taking accountability for your wrongdoings is part of the process. We are all perfectly imperfect human beings that need a savior. And that savior is found through Jesus Christ. His short time on earth was cut short by the very people he died for. It was horrible the way he died and how they treated him, then he rose. He ascended back to the right hand of our Father, and there he waits, watches, and observes. His Holy Spirit resides here, and when a person accepts the word as truth wholeheartedly, you will be baptized with fire. To burn the impurities away, and then a molding will take place. He will mold your mind and heart anew, more into his image. He will chastise you and correct you when you need it because of imperfections. I’m going to be completely honest. I felt as if I was dying. And it makes complete sense because I was dying to my former self. After that, my only fear is the Lord. I absolutely do not want to ever be out of line with him ever again and fully intend not to be. My heart has always been in the right place, and I have never questioned his existence nor will I ever. The wrath of God is something I want no part in, and following this world’s ways will get you just that. I will not follow anyone but my Lord and Savior as he left a blueprint of events that took place and how he reacted. And everyone in the Bible was impure, but Jesus Christ. So, I pray for all to receive the Holy Spirit this weekend. Call apon his name today let the Holy Spirit descend apon you, this is my prayer for you, on this Pentecost Day receive the gift of the Holy Spirit you shall be saved and move forward toward brighter days. God’s light is the only way. Stay Blessed y’all ❤️ 🙌

The Molding

When you let go and let God, it does not happen overnight. When you truly give your life over to him, he will mold you and shape you anew. I would be lying if I said it is not a painful process because it is. It’s hard to acknowledge and correct behavior or traits that you may have never known you had. The world ways are not the way, only God’s ways. There may be a lack of understanding, but that is where you must keep the faith. Faith in his word, his promises, and his love for each and every one of us. The moment you invite him into the driver’s seat of your life is the moment the battle begins. Battles between your flesh and your spirit. The spirit of God resides in all, and the choice to let him direct you is the person’s free will choice. I must emphasize that his ways are not of this world. The world’s ways are in a downhill slump and will crash. So the choice is yours, accept, believe, and change. Let him mold you into his way so you will not be led astray. It’s a narrow way, and only with God’s light will you find the way. Invite him in that he will lead you starting today. Stay Blessed y’all ❤️ 🙌

Wounds of the Soul

Honestly, it is hard to dig deep on an internal level. Asking questions like why am I like this or what does this keep happening or why I feel this way? You can psychoanalysis all you want. If you don’t have a relationship with God, the creator of the universe, and all humans, you have nothing worth any value. God designed and created every human, every animal, our entire universe. He designed each and every one of us in his image, which is holy. Morally speaking, when a person moves outside of God’s will, it will scar internally. On a soul level, because we were created in his image. Each move outside his commandments or his values is another scar. Until a person recognizes this and tries to correct it, the cycle will continue. Perfection for anyone does not exist, nor will it ever. Jesus Christ was the only perfect human being that walked this earth. God’s only begotten Son that was sacrificed by the same people he came to set free. He did not have to do that, but his love for the human race is so great that he did. No greater love than that nor will there ever be. So stop scarring your soul for things of this world. If you know it’s wrong, don’t do it. If you know it’s out of line with God and his word, don’t do it. When you do, the soul of your body will have a wound. A wound that you may try to cover up with this or the other only makes things worse and does not fix the real issue. The only person who can truly bind you up is our heavenly Father. He will do a work in you that only he can do, and he will mold you from the inside out brand new. A new creation. Seek out God today and let him light your way. Don’t carry the old anymore. Let him make you anew. He is the way, the truth, and the only light you will ever need. Just believe. Stay Blessed y’all ❤️ 🙌