Wounds of the Soul

Honestly, it is hard to dig deep on an internal level. Asking questions like why am I like this or what does this keep happening or why I feel this way? You can psychoanalysis all you want. If you don’t have a relationship with God, the creator of the universe, and all humans, you have nothing worth any value. God designed and created every human, every animal, our entire universe. He designed each and every one of us in his image, which is holy. Morally speaking, when a person moves outside of God’s will, it will scar internally. On a soul level, because we were created in his image. Each move outside his commandments or his values is another scar. Until a person recognizes this and tries to correct it, the cycle will continue. Perfection for anyone does not exist, nor will it ever. Jesus Christ was the only perfect human being that walked this earth. God’s only begotten Son that was sacrificed by the same people he came to set free. He did not have to do that, but his love for the human race is so great that he did. No greater love than that nor will there ever be. So stop scarring your soul for things of this world. If you know it’s wrong, don’t do it. If you know it’s out of line with God and his word, don’t do it. When you do, the soul of your body will have a wound. A wound that you may try to cover up with this or the other only makes things worse and does not fix the real issue. The only person who can truly bind you up is our heavenly Father. He will do a work in you that only he can do, and he will mold you from the inside out brand new. A new creation. Seek out God today and let him light your way. Don’t carry the old anymore. Let him make you anew. He is the way, the truth, and the only light you will ever need. Just believe. Stay Blessed y’all ❤️ 🙌


A New Creation

Behold all things become new when a person is truly united with Christ. All the old passes away, and you will be made a new person. A new person in Christ, because of Christ and for his purpose, you will become what he intended from the beginning. The person he created you to be before the world and its ways took hold of you. So, drop the labels that society tries to place on you or others. People make mistakes and people change, and if you see a person trying to do better than what you may have known before, just know that all things are possible. He is in the cleaning up business and making people new in his image so before you go and say this and that about a person think about all the wrong you have done and just how much forgiveness you are going to need in the end. To become one with Christ, you must die to your flesh, and it is a daily battle that gets easier. It is easier because his Holy Spirit resides within you to help guide and clean you up. God’s Holy Spirit does a work within you, and yes, you will feel the fire. So before you critique or open mouth and insert foot, pause. Not one sin is greater than the other, and sometimes people just don’t know how to deal with issues because it was never talked about as to how. How important a relationship between you and your true Father actually is. It is essential, especially in this world. Rest assured, he will be back and rest assured he sees all and knows all. An omnipresent power house that will never be completely understood, so stop trying and try some faith on for size. Lose the labels of this world and realize we are all just trying to make it home. Work on that relationship with our heavenly Father and let him take the wheel. The new he has for you is so much more than anything the world could ever give you. Let him make you anew today and let him lead you, for with him, it will never be astray. God is the light and the only way. Go to him today. Stay Blessed y’all ❤️ 🙌

Death and Grief

There is no doubt that the death of a loved one is hard to deal with. The grief and pain of a loved ones death and their absence seems like it can’t heal or be mended for some. At one point in my life, I felt this way. My experience with not knowing how to deal with the loss led me down a path of self-destruction. Not only was I self-destructive to myself, but it also hurt the people that I loved. Through it all, God kept me safe and picked me up several times. Drowning out the grief with anything does not work. We need to feel it and accept the fact that God’s purpose is not always understood but intended for something more. Something more for the good of his kingdom and plans. I wish I had known then what I know now, but it does not work that way. My lack of a relationship with my heavenly Father caused me to be an easy target in a very vulnerable time. Regardless of not having that correct relationship then he brought me through it all unharmed. Since I turned my life over to him, he filled voids in my heart that I thought were unfillable. He poured a love into me so strong that I don’t want to ever lose that feeling ever. When you feel a love like that, it will shock you. I honestly never knew a love that strong existed. I can’t promise you that you won’t face obstacles in life, but I can promise you that with God, it is so much easier. His Holy Spirit will enter you and make you a new creation. It’s a powerful scary thing to die to your flesh, but oh, it is worth it. Don’t turn to things of this world for comfort when you have to go through a life changing traumatic event. The repercussions of actions not led by the Holy Spirit can and will eventually lead to death. Death without knowing him or death of your flesh now and continue living life for God. It’s a choice one makes, and today, I encourage you to make the choice of laying down your life as you know it at the foot of his cross. Pick your cross up and live the way he intended for you to live. It’s a battle none the less but the rewards will be great. A peace that surpasses all can only be found through Jesus Christ. He died for me as well as you, so give it a shot. He will always be true. Stay Blessed ❤️ 🙌

The Sacrifice of the Flesh

Striving to be Christ like is one of the hardest roads to walk in the world. It calls for the sacrificing of the flesh, meaning yourself, your wants, or desires that are not in line with God’s word. This is a journey in which I learn something new about myself every day, and most of the time, it never occurred to me beforehand. Jesus Christ suffered for us all to be saved by God’s grace. God sent his Son here as that sacrifice to give everyone a chance because he knew everyone would fall short in sin. Jesus Christ saw the good in everyone and gifted the unconditional love that was displayed throughout his life all the way back to the right hand of our Father, which Art in Heaven. Jesus Christ came, he suffered, he was crucified, he rose, and he will be back to conquer the rest of the evil in this world today. Make no mistake about it, nothing is hidden that is not seen, nothing is thought that he does not know, he is all knowing of the mind, body, and the soul of each person no matter the belief. The creator of all throughout space and time, he is coming back, and oh what a shine it will be, no more misery will there be. I like the sound of that because, honestly, I personally have felt a lot of pain and misery here. So I don’t mind suffering like he did to be able to live with him in the best kingdom ever, heaven. I am sacrificing my wants or desires that my flesh wants because I want peace with my Father. I want his promises for myself and everyone, actually. Thus, my mission is for his glory that with my words, I can help plant a seed. I come from a family of farmers that is what a farmer does best, plant seeds. Then, a harvest day will come that all may see just how much God loves the world from sea to shining sea. My entire life can be summed up to God. I had other plans, but God. I wanted this, that and the other but God. When a person really sits down and works to establish a relationship with God, he will show you things about yourself that you may have never known or even realized. Maybe something that seems small and insignificant is not so small or insignificant in his eyes. He will reveal what is favorable and unfavorable, and I can assure you that. Jesus was unconditional love, and he showed us all that by coming here and modeling a life that the people should strive to be like. The world is evil, and it is the hardest battle that can be faced, but I can assure you that the rewards with him are far more than this world has to offer. Peace he will give you if you let him. Be still and know that he is God Almighty, and his purpose and plan will always prevail. Stay Blessed ❤️ 🙌

All of my Heart

Everyone is different, and that is the beauty of each human being. So, with each difference, there are the abilities to relate on some level with others that may be struggling. My hope is that my story or stories help just one person for Gods glory. God met me in a place where I was so broken. I honestly couldn’t do anything but cry out to him. My heart felt as if it had shattered in a million pieces, and in a sense, my whole being felt this way. 💔 Once again, I had placed my faith more in another human being than I did my Father. Once again, I let him fall out of his rightful place in my life, and it crushed me again. Man will fail you, but God will never fail you. Man will disappoint you with their forked tongues, but God will not. The fact that I can look at people and look straight to the good has burned me more than I can count because I have let it blind me, but those experiences have been priceless as far as lessons learned and ways to avoid the burn again. My heart is a rare thing, it seems, and I am finally okay with that because so was Jesus’s heart as well. He loved us all with all of his heart so much so that he laid his life down for us to have the chance at eternal life in heaven with him. Even though he was persecuted by the very same people he died for, he continued on with a love for all regardless of his mistreatment. Jesus Christ saw the good in all and pleaded to our Father for mercy and took the wrath of all apon himself. Jesus Christ makes it possible for us all to be born again. Born again to walk in his image as he intended from the beginning. Everyone has the free will choice that can be made to be born again because all are born into sin and all have fallen short. Seek him with all your heart, and you will find a love so perfect and true. He will never leave or forsake you. His Holy Spirit will lead your way, clean you through and through with each passing day. Our King will be back this, I am sure, and lead us all back to that celestial shore. Where all will live in peace, love, and harmony, no more tears nor sorrows nor enemies. He is alive in Spirit and truth and will be back to reign for good. So, what I am saying to you is to seek God with all of your heart he is waiting for you to make that brand new beautiful start. For God so loved the world that he gave his Only Begotten Son that who so ever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Stay Blessed y’all ❤️ 🙌


Whoever sows generously will also reap generously, says the Lord. By sharing the word of God and his promises that he has made to his children, we are doing a good thing. The lives that can be changed by planting a seed may never be seen by the sower. Nevertheless, it has been planted, and that is precisely what we are called to do. My main goal writing is to plant seeds for my Father’s kingdom and for him to use me as he desires. Generously, my time is used for this through writing and through social media to reach who may ever see any of what I write or post. My heart felt belief is rooted in God my Father and my redeemer his begotten Son Jesus Christ. I am a firm believer in his powerful words and promises he bestowed on the human race. Experiencing first hand through my life, his grace and mercy that he has shown me through the many trials and tribulations that have been faced. God has exceedingly and abundantly blessed me beyond what I deserve, and to him, I owe my life. What is called for me to do is exactly what will be done, according to God’s word and when the Holy Spirit moves me to do so. God loves all of his creations, and he wants everyone to know the truth of his love for us all. The peace of God surpasses all understanding when a person let’s him make them anew again through the acceptance of his only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Let the Holy Spirit fill you today with his truth and love and shape you to his image just as he intended for you to be. A love and peace will encompass your entire being beyond understanding, but it will be felt, and it will show. Generously I say to you, if he is knocking at your hearts door, let him in. He is the only guide in love, light, and truth. Stay Blessed y’all ❤️

The Fire

Walking through the fire in life can be tough, meaning trials and tribulations. So many face so many different things in life, but with God, all things are possible. When a relationship is established with our Father correctly, it is easier to extinguish those fires. Having the correct relationship with our Father will allow his Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and counsel through prayer and his word. He makes a way when there may seem that there is no way. God is a miracle worker who does only what he can do. God is the only promise keeper and the only light in any kind of darkness that one may endure. My God is that of pure steadfast love and will never change, for he will always remain the same, just as his word. I’m not sure if there is a fire on your path right now, but let me encourage you to walk through it with the light of the Holy Spirit today. May that light burn so bright that the trials just fold down to nothing. Always know that no matter what the circumstance, never lose hope and keep the faith in his truth. God’s love will carry you through. ♥️

Armor of Light

To put on the Armor of Light in the world we live in today is a hard thing to do. To do this, we must lay down our sinful ways and change to Gods ways for the betterment of all. All of humanity and all of God’s creation. Changing ourselves first and leading by example is what changes others. From our trials and tribulations, we get lessons learned and blessings also. The ability to detour someone from making the wrong choices on similar paths or with similar trials, that is a blessing. A blessing to be able to bless someone else with that testimony on how you survived and what helped you through. My testimony for my entire life involves my Father, which art in heaven. His greater purpose has my pain and errors in this life for his glory to use as he wants. Life is learning, but having a relationship with God surpasses it all. The love he has shown everyone is all around. To look around and see for some, it is still a mystery. We all have been lied to and blinded through the years. By many different things involving money, of course. The Root of all evil. It’s not hard to see the deceit it’s around every corner. Do not submit to this deceit. God’s ways have been misunderstood and are much simpler than we have been led to believe. Wake up now, world, fight back. God will take us all under angels’ wings until his return as our rightful King. Put on his armor of light today so that all evil will flee and run away. In the name of Jesus Christ, all evil is bound and can do no more harm, for his light shines down for everyone to see, just believe. I pray you lay down this worlds ways and put on your armor of light today.


Rejoice in the Lord, for he is the greatest. He brings back to life the dead in spirit. The only one to make it possible for us to live deserves the best from all of us. He rose and walked out of his tomb, where he was laid to rest after being crucified by the very ones he died for. All of this was to give us the chance for eternal life that does not compare to anything this world has to offer. Eternal happiness and life with no worries. My decision to accept my Father was the best decision that I have ever made this side of life. Without God, my place in life would not be where it is today. Going through my days, I find myself just smiling. People ask me sometimes, what are you smiling so much about? My response is that because God is good, I woke up today. It’s the simple things we take for granted in life that means the most. You are still breathing the breath of life. You are blessed beyond measure. Those who still have breathe have a bigger purpose than the human mind can comprehend. Don’t take anything for granted, especially what seems to be a small thing. That breath is not so small when someone does not have it anymore. Life itself is the biggest blessing that anyone can have, and what you do with that can mean thousands of souls finding their way home back to our Father. Ignorance kills many of his people, he said, a lack of knowledge. This is my gift that I give you, my knowledge, what I know. The buttons that I know I push are just meer seeds that I plant. Pains, trials, and tribulations will come, but all things are possible through God and his guidance. Don’t ever let anyone make you think otherwise or make you think that you are not qualified or deserving. Ever one has the same capabilities, whether the person chooses to believe is the person’s choice, it’s called free will. The free will choices of others cause what is going on in the world today. The free will choices that those with so-called authority have chosen to make not for the betterment of humanity. For their own selfish gains. Well, I gotta say through God that all things are possible, and through God, he provides a way out of their clutches. So take that how you may but know the choice is yours alone to make. God is the only waymaker, promise keeper, and the only light in the darkest world we live in this very moment. So I pray for you all to know this today, that our Savior has Risen on this day. All your storms are conquered through him, God is the only one to love you through and to the end. What a friend we have in Jesus that he laid his life down for us all, the way the truth and the only life to live for. Take up your Cross today, Acceptance of our Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit will guide your way and make you anew with each passing day. One day, we will all celebrate again. If you have God, you have all you need, my friends. Prayers for all to know your storms are all conquered through only him, He has Risen, there is nothing he has not already conquered. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌 😇 🙏


Seeking answers in life is found in the silence. The silent moments that you pray to our Father, which art in Heaven. Establishing a relationship with our Father is the most rewarding thing that can be accomplished in this life. Praying is communication with him because he lives in spirit. His Holy Spirit will remain here until his return. The Holy Spirit will clean you up from the inside out and lead and guide, this I know without a doubt. You have to let him, though, and this is done through the acceptance of Christ our savior. He is the way, the truth, and the only life to have that is worth anything. We all have a soul and a spirit, and most likely, we have all craved or desired something more in our lives. Going through life trying to fill that unfillable void with different things, unbiblical speaking. It does not work. There is a lack of the correct relationship with our creator, God. Until you establish this, there will be disfunction in some area of your life. When he is placed first in your life, the rest of life will fall into place. Resistance will be felt if things are not built from the beginning on this foundation. The free will choice belongs to the person, and only they can make that decision. God is calling every one of his children today, and he is the only one who can show you the right way. Silence can bring many answers that you may seek. Just drop it all today at his feet. The Sacrifice of Christ gives us this grace, so start anew and let God lead the way. I pray in the silence of today that you drop it all and let God lead the way. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌