Rejoice in the Lord, for he is the greatest. He brings back to life the dead in spirit. The only one to make it possible for us to live deserves the best from all of us. He rose and walked out of his tomb, where he was laid to rest after being crucified by the very ones he died for. All of this was to give us the chance for eternal life that does not compare to anything this world has to offer. Eternal happiness and life with no worries. My decision to accept my Father was the best decision that I have ever made this side of life. Without God, my place in life would not be where it is today. Going through my days, I find myself just smiling. People ask me sometimes, what are you smiling so much about? My response is that because God is good, I woke up today. It’s the simple things we take for granted in life that means the most. You are still breathing the breath of life. You are blessed beyond measure. Those who still have breathe have a bigger purpose than the human mind can comprehend. Don’t take anything for granted, especially what seems to be a small thing. That breath is not so small when someone does not have it anymore. Life itself is the biggest blessing that anyone can have, and what you do with that can mean thousands of souls finding their way home back to our Father. Ignorance kills many of his people, he said, a lack of knowledge. This is my gift that I give you, my knowledge, what I know. The buttons that I know I push are just meer seeds that I plant. Pains, trials, and tribulations will come, but all things are possible through God and his guidance. Don’t ever let anyone make you think otherwise or make you think that you are not qualified or deserving. Ever one has the same capabilities, whether the person chooses to believe is the person’s choice, it’s called free will. The free will choices of others cause what is going on in the world today. The free will choices that those with so-called authority have chosen to make not for the betterment of humanity. For their own selfish gains. Well, I gotta say through God that all things are possible, and through God, he provides a way out of their clutches. So take that how you may but know the choice is yours alone to make. God is the only waymaker, promise keeper, and the only light in the darkest world we live in this very moment. So I pray for you all to know this today, that our Savior has Risen on this day. All your storms are conquered through him, God is the only one to love you through and to the end. What a friend we have in Jesus that he laid his life down for us all, the way the truth and the only life to live for. Take up your Cross today, Acceptance of our Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit will guide your way and make you anew with each passing day. One day, we will all celebrate again. If you have God, you have all you need, my friends. Prayers for all to know your storms are all conquered through only him, He has Risen, there is nothing he has not already conquered. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌 😇 🙏



Seeking answers in life is found in the silence. The silent moments that you pray to our Father, which art in Heaven. Establishing a relationship with our Father is the most rewarding thing that can be accomplished in this life. Praying is communication with him because he lives in spirit. His Holy Spirit will remain here until his return. The Holy Spirit will clean you up from the inside out and lead and guide, this I know without a doubt. You have to let him, though, and this is done through the acceptance of Christ our savior. He is the way, the truth, and the only life to have that is worth anything. We all have a soul and a spirit, and most likely, we have all craved or desired something more in our lives. Going through life trying to fill that unfillable void with different things, unbiblical speaking. It does not work. There is a lack of the correct relationship with our creator, God. Until you establish this, there will be disfunction in some area of your life. When he is placed first in your life, the rest of life will fall into place. Resistance will be felt if things are not built from the beginning on this foundation. The free will choice belongs to the person, and only they can make that decision. God is calling every one of his children today, and he is the only one who can show you the right way. Silence can bring many answers that you may seek. Just drop it all today at his feet. The Sacrifice of Christ gives us this grace, so start anew and let God lead the way. I pray in the silence of today that you drop it all and let God lead the way. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


Every human being deals with stuff, no matter how they may appear on the outside. The world that we live in today has been molded into a place where sin is cool and acceptable. It is not, regardless of how it is twisted or turned, it does not make it right or okay. A sinner saved by the Grace of God, but redeemed through Jesus Christ, is where I find myself at these days, and I am proud of that. I am proud of the fact that we have a Father whom arts in heaven that loved us so much that he sent his only son to give us that chance at that life. A redeemed life to be able to start anew with him as our guide. Thankful, grateful , and blessed beyond measure with a love so powerful that wipes all transgressions away. There is no love more powerful than this. He accepts you as you are and cleans you up from the inside out. When you go to Christ, it’s hard, but it is all worth it in the end. The path is narrow, and trials will still come, but with God, all things are possible. So don’t worry about where you may be at in your walk with God because all things work for the greater good for those who believe. It was all won this day we call Good Friday when he screamed Father it is Finished. This day makes it possible for us to turn, take his hand, and walk with him until the end. I pray everyone finds the love he is waiting to give to all that believes and accepts his Son as our mighty King. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

Breaking Bread

It’s honestly simple no one person is any better than the next. Judgemental hypocrites are around every turn. Before you cast judgment on someone, think about all the wrong that you want your Father to forgive you for. No one sin is greater than the next. Jesus broke bread with broken people from all walks of life and called them his disciples. And they followed him and done just as they should have. Understanding life will never be completely understood, but that is where faith kicks in. My faith will never be lost as it comes with a cost, and many at that. It’s the sacrifice that we learn from and get our hope from. The living Holy Spirit is here to guide and protect us through an intimate relationship with God our Father. Nobody can truly understand you like your creator. He knows the hearts of all, and he sees all. So before singling out people based on whatever the case may be, look in the mirror. Think about your shortcomings and what all you want your Father to forgive you for. Then maybe you will see just how much love he has for all and that he meant it for all to eat. For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23-24. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


Betrayal is something that is hard for a person to overcome. It has happened for thousands of years and still today, but more than ever. Jesus was betrayed by Judas for a few pieces of silver, the root of all evil. He still loved him, though. He still continued on and laid his life down for all of us to have the chance at eternal life with him. The ways of this world are not the correct form to operate in. Money is the root of all evil and will cause even the closest person to you to turn their back on you and proceed in the wrong direction. God will never let us down, and he is at your hearts door today, knocking just wanting to be put in his rightful place in your life. When we humans morally scar ourselves with decisions based on the wrong way, it will be felt. God has his ways, and he will make them known. He will never let you down nor forsake you, but men will. That includes everyone, even the ones that mean so much to you. And most likely, the root of all evil is somewhere in the senerio. For give those people and place them in your prayers because that is what they need more than anything. Forgiveness is a must as that is what we want our Father to do for us. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

The Great Professor

Once, he stood in physical form on this earth and taught. He taught what should be. His Holy Spirit lives on and continues to do the same on earth today. Praying and seeking a relationship with God is where you find answers, apart from the written history word. The importance of this relationship has been downplayed throughout history to benefit the selfish greed we are surrounded by. Taking God out of places where he should be number one. He is our history, our present, and our future whether it is liked or not. The creator of all whether science or the world likes it or not. Our existence is based solely on his creation of us and what he created to sustain us. The purpose of prayer is to form a relationship with God so his Holy Spirit will desend apon us and teach us. There is no better teacher than this. All the classes and books in the world can not teach what we need to know to survive. If we are without God, we are without that guidance. He guides, and he provides, always has, and always will from the very beginning of our creation. So my encouraging words of seeking a relationship out with God will never be for nothing as it is everything he wants everyone to have. He wants to lead and guide and provide for all and wants a relationship with all his children. I encourage you today to get to know the best teacher of all time and let him guide and provide in your life just the way he has always wanted to. The way, the truth, and the only life to have that is worth more than anything. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

The Ultimate Healer

Life is filled with so much unseen beauty. It is also filled with so many unseen sorrows that one can carry with them daily. Whether that be grief or guilt or shame, God is the ultimate healer to all that negative pain. Having faith in the unseen is hard for many to grasp. Because this world wants proof, like looking through a magnifying glass. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. Faith is harder to have when the relationship that is between a person and God is not where it should be. He is the ultimate healer to all of life’s heartaches and sorrows. And no one goes to the Father but through the Son. That belief is our redemption and our new starting point to this life. The Holy Spirit will do the work in a person and help them on this life’s journey to our eternal resting place with our Father whom art in Heaven. The ultimate and true healing comes from our Father, who lives in spirit and in truth. His will, his way, his purpose is what will prevail. Love each other the way he loved us all. Be kind to those who are not so kind because they need it the most. Forgive yourself and others because that is what you want our Father to do for you. Unhealed people hurt people, so understand that not everything is about you, nor is the reaction of things about you. Don’t judge people, or that could be your same exact judgment one day. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. All the cares and burdens that you may carry can only be healed through God. Through a wholehearted repentance and acceptance of his Son and the changing of one’s ways to his ways, not ours, for his glory not ours. I don’t care if you are sideways. Do it today and let God lead you home he is the only way. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌 Happy Palm Sunday 🌴 🙏

The Hand of the Almighty

The miraculous hand of God is mighty. So mighty that the things unseen are defeated along with each imperfection that each individual has. Each battle each one of us faces in this life has already been defeated. Jesus Christ carried all of our imperfections to the Cross the day he was crucified by the ones he loved. He died for each individual,who he created, so that we have a chance at an everlasting life of joy. He is the only way to the truth and to the right way of life. The path to him is narrow, and the path to destruction is broad and wide. This society has been strategically formed to fit the wide and broad way that leads to destruction inevitably. God’s way is narrow and set simple by the ten laws he placed in stone. Not one person on this earth can say they haven’t broken any of those laws, and that is precisely why he sent the only sacrifice that was for us all to redeem ourselves. Generations upon generations humans have been in war among each other for things that will pass away. Fighting for control of lands and human rights to be human. God gave us all this planet to utilize for his greater good not to kill, steal, and destroy it or people for control purposes. It is sad to think that governments and people would go to such great lengths to do so. The wrath of God should be feared because just as he has given to us, he can also take it all away. Don’t take his gifts for granted and sow good wherever you may roam. The hand of God is mighty and should not be taken lightly as he is the creator of all that is good, so take your troubles to the throne where all is understood.

The Root to All

No matter what our experiences are going through life always remember where your roots are. The world may be in turmoil, but if you are grounded in the correct core root being God and his creation, the fear will be minimal as we work through this ride we call life. Life, as we know, has been developed around a society that has been grounded in sin from the beginning. We humans should thank Christ Jesus by walking in the good way because through him we all have the choice in this moment to choose eternal life with our Heavenly Father. Let God guide, and he will provide just as all of his creations have been created for. Everything and everyone has their part in his greater plan, and not all you will understand. Let faith take hold of your heart, put your hope on the wings of the dove,and you will find his eternal everlasting love. My reassurance comes from nothing but his love for all, Christ Jesus died for that cause. Acceptance is key to the whole life he created for you and for me. Deeply rooted into one The Father, our creator, Acceptance of his Son. The Holy Spirit will come upon you and fill you up with nothing but his love. Nothing will ever be the same, this I am sure of. Tapping into our main root is key to most of life biggest mysteries. Take your roots up today and let them grow this time, our Fathers way. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

Afflictions are Many

We were all born into sin. Shaped and molded by mostly things of this world. Our molding starts in the home, and whatever is passed down usually keeps on going unless we make the decisions to change along the way. Sadly, lots of homes have been morally dead for generations. But the change can start with the person today. Afflictions are many with men but can be wiped away clean by our Heavenly Father. There is not one person on the planet that this does not apply to as we were all born into this sinful world. It is easy to get wrapped up and go the easiest way out. It’s a harder path when implementing these correctly in life as we live today. I personally can attest that I have been hit left and right and from side to side ever since I really dug deep and really started implementing the biblical way to be, how we were created to be. When the rose colored glasses fall off your eyes and you see through spiritual lenses, everything and everyone looks different. If you don’t know God, I highly suggest you get to know him because the times are not good now. We all have Affliction and many at that, but the free will choice is yours to make to turn things around. He will wipe all those away and renew you and mold you into the person he created you to be. Drop the ways of this world, and the love of money is the root cause of all sins. That by itself will lead a person down a path of destruction in more ways than one. Repent to him and come clean, forgive those that have caused pain, and move with God the rest of your days. Through him, you can be set free of any pain and misery. My prayer is for all to find him today. Let him wipe your afflictions away.