The Sun Rises Again

Looking at the sky so bright as the sun rises with all its might. So bright and beautiful it is. As it over looks all the liveliness. The birds and the bees, the flowers and don’t forget the trees. For if it wasn’t for them what an ugly place we would be. The mountains the plains and coastal shores, the rivers and lakes waterfalls galore. Fish swimming up and down the shores. With the beautiful sun we see so much more. It brightens our days and dims down to the night. Where it changes places with the moon, the lantern of the night. Surrounded by twinkling stars and comets burning bright, below is a world still full of life. Wolves howl at the moon, while the sneaky racoon looks for some food. Owls and bats fly by night with the singing crickets until dawns early light. With the rooster crowing we rise again to shine like the sun and dance with the wind. So if you ever feel sad or blue, just know good things will come soon. Sometimes it takes many moons but the sun will always rise again…..and burn brighter than it has ever been.

The Choice

The choice is personal. It’s a personal choice to accept God as the number one in your life. It is something only you can do and from then on out walk as he expected. Walk to spread and recruit people for the good fight. Nobody can make that decision for you. Ask yourself how do you wanna live? In peace, love, and light or with self inflicted pain, grief, and hate. I personally don’t like the negative side of things and refuse to be there. Happy looks good on you no matter who, what, or where you have been. Nobody is better than the next person and if in your mind you think otherwise because of whatever, you are sadly mistaken. I personally don’t like pain, grief or to see suffering. That is the reason I left the medical field. That wasn’t where God needed me the most. I have been called elsewhere and I accept that because I know his plan is greater than I can imagine. He knows all and the good always prevails regardless. He won that battle years and years ago. Read, learn, unlearn if you must but keep an open mind and heart so that what does come can and what needs to go can also. I honestly have nothing but love for everyone and want to see everyone doing good. This is the reason for this page to offer encouragement because my life has been obstacles after obstacles. This page only skims the surface. I just pray each and every human can find the peace that I have found with God. He is there if you listen. It’s that small still voice that whispers on the wind. Stay Blessed 🙌


Everyone has their own trials they experience through their life. Everyone is different and that is completely normal. We just don’t talk about it, society in general has led people to believe they should be a certain status in some way, shape, form, or fashion. God says different. God says we are imperfect beings influenced by the ways of the world. There is not one person on this earth perfect. Perfection is a Godly attribute. And there is only one of those. He made the entire universe, humans, animals, plants everything that we depend on as human beings. The ways of the world caused the great flood that destroyed the earth the first time. He was angry but promised that it would never happen again by flood and the reminder is the rainbow. His promises he keeps. He sent his only son here to die for our sins so that we may repent and be saved because to Jesus we are perfectly imperfect beings. He saw the heart of many and left Perfection to be slayed by the hands of people he died for. So if you ever think for a minute you may not be good enough for something or someone think again. Regardless of your background or whatever the case may be, you are enough. A God that loves you and is full of bigger miracles than your head could even think about says you are enough. His son was ridiculed, laughed at, ignored, beat, and hung on a cross for you and I to have the privilege of repentance. The relationship you have with him is far more important than anything. Repent with a pure heart then lead a life of pure intentions backed by love. You will always be enough for him and that’s all that matters. Stay Blessed 🙌


If you know anything about the walk Jesus took through his life you know he was rejected everywhere. Rejection was a normal thing that happened in his life. And still today it happens. All he offers is unconditional love and yet he is rejected through time. In his days on earth and still today. His unconditional love for everyone gives us a chance everyday to accept God and walk with love for everyone and everything. Love has the power to heal everything and everyone if it’s allowed. Rejection is hurtful especially coming from the same people who say they love you. I have experienced some form of Rejection my entire life and I am finding out the closer to christ that I get the more Rejection I receive. If you think you are any better than the next person, most likely there are some issues inside the soul that needs resolved. God is the man for that job. He doesn’t reject nor discriminate against anyone, after all we all are human. Nobody is perfect or above the next person. Some may be farther on their walk than you but not above you. Spiritual warfare is a very real thing and worldly Rejection does not bother me. After all the things that I have experienced through life, Rejection does not bother me from another. It throws fuel on the fire inside of me saying I am moving in the right direction. If me trying to be a better person everyday and loving people the way God intended gets me rejected, so be it. He will never reject me and I am at peace knowing that. It is well with my soul. Stay Blessed 🙌


Love is a beautiful thing to give and receive. It’s what just brought that smile to your face when you thought of me. The feeling is irreplaceable to say the least. The moment that you rescued me, I knew right then we were meant to be. The anchor that you used to grab my heart ❤️ I knew we would never part. You had always been there inside of me, even if I couldn’t see. The way you guided me through my life, the night that car wreck didn’t take my life. A love like that can never be compared. You gave so much, I will never compare. Your sacrifice and love for me is why I can get down on bended knees. If I don’t get it right I can start again because you are that love that never ends. As I think back on days that have passed, I am grateful, thankful, and blessed with the love that can only come from my father and the Sacrifice of his only son. So when you think of love and all that it is to be. Just know only God holds that love and through his son you will have it for eternity. Stay Blessed 🙌


How is a very broad question depending on the conversation. Some look at me and ask how about numerous things because of the many trials I have overcome during my life. How was a very hard lesson that has not under any circumstances been easy.

The moment I started really working on myself and my relationship with God, our creator, placing that above everything else my life changed. I don’t think I have ever been more myself and at peace. But regardless of it all he has always knowingly and unknowingly been with me every step of the way. Things without him has never been easy and that’s when it hits you. So I have always been blessed and graced with material things because I am a hard worker, my work ethic shows itself. Material stuff doesn’t matter because it’s replaceable. The little things is what is costly. Slow down take inventory of your life, work on being a good person with a purpose, cause we all have that. Life will never be the same in a good way. So if your way has you feeling all kinds of ways, try it another way, his way and see where it leads you. After all we all are only here a short time just walking each other home, let’s make the walk beautiful ❤️🕊️❤️🕊️ Stay Blessed y’all


Throughout my life I have overcame many obstacles but I finally found my peace. It wasn’t until about the sixth time that I found myself in my knees crying that I finally found my peace. The peace that I found at the feet of God surpasses all. He has not only guided but shielded me my entire life but he has been the one that stayed and never left me. The moment I laid down all my shame, guilt, ego, selfishness, greed, all those negative emotions was the moment I found my peace. I forgave myself and others. I asked him to take away anything negative surrounding me in my life and replace it with the need to fulfill my purpose for his glory. I only wish all love to everyone and hope you find the peace your heart seeks. The peace that surpasses all is found at the cross as well as the purpose. Everything he gave us works together for the good. Don’t let that go over your head either. My one and only fear is him and his wrath and as for me and my house I will serve him in such a way that may be different but the intentions are pure. Your heart is known by him and you alone. He is that small still voice that requires stillness to hear. Be still and know . Wholeheartedly is where you find your peace, with love and light. Peace be with you.

Stay Blessed y’all ❤️


During my life I have been through many life changing experiences that have learned me many different things. Relationship wise I have been in long term relationships three life changing ones for me. The hardest thing that I have endured with each of those is the trust being broken. Caught my first husband messing around with some chick he worked with way before I had my baby and boy. I tried to get over it but I never really did. Second same shit but I was in a rehab facility for thirty days so there is that. Third chatting it up on video calls will the ex’s and messenger with another. I really try with people intentionally for commitment but I always end up with the same feeling, numb over the lack of respect. It catches up to a person after years of the same shit, you see it coming miles away. My standards are not much to ask for, honesty, love,respect, and loyalty . Maybe my depth as a person is scary for some, who knows. I know though without a doubt, I love me and the more I do the less numb I feel…

Gratitude 🌹

To say that I am grateful for each individual that I have encountered through life is a understatement. It has took me awhile to be able to come to complete terms with that. Even if we had our indifferences, I am still grateful because I learned something that I needed to. Regardless the moment big, small, good, bad, the gratitude is there. I have never felt more peace within myself when I really thought about things in that perspective. God really is all love and his love for me, I have the most gratitude for. I can never repay the gratitude he showed me but I will spend the rest of my days trying. Glory be all to my heavenly father which will always rein above.

Stay Blessed y’all ❤️

Always Searching

Always Searching has seemed to be a theme in my life. For many years I never knew what that was. All my life I have always had a strong desire to help people. The majority of my years have been spent people pleasing though and I never even realized it until it started to break me. Have you ever felt unwanted? I have. Not good enough, I have. Seems to have been a trend for me.

The feeling of yet my third marriage breaking, that searching feeling started to come back to me. What in the hell was wrong with me? I work my ass off, do all the wifey stuff and try to be good to everyone. If it could have happened I bet I thought it, that’s for sure. I felt that feeling coming a mile away. I was breaking yet again. I don’t really have close friends so I tend to bottle things up some. After some screaming and crying out to God, I figured it out.

It was him. He was what I searched for all my life that I had not once put him first in everything and I mean everything that I did. Always chasing the dollar, not making time for the things that meant the most to me. When I put him at the top he opened my eyes to many things and this peace. This unexplainable peace over came me and nothing mattered but him and what he wanted my life to look like. The concern I had of other peopled opinions didn’t matter to me anymore. He had seen my tears one too many times.

The personal relationship that you have with God can dictate your life good or bad it’s a choice that one makes for themselves. The peace, love, and light that I carry now is a gift from him to me. And it’s yours too, so if you haven’t, let go and let God.

1 John 1:9 Stay Blessed y’all ❤️🕊️