The Hand of the Almighty

The miraculous hand of God is mighty. So mighty that the things unseen are defeated along with each imperfection that each individual has. Each battle each one of us faces in this life has already been defeated. Jesus Christ carried all of our imperfections to the Cross the day he was crucified by the ones he loved. He died for each individual,who he created, so that we have a chance at an everlasting life of joy. He is the only way to the truth and to the right way of life. The path to him is narrow, and the path to destruction is broad and wide. This society has been strategically formed to fit the wide and broad way that leads to destruction inevitably. God’s way is narrow and set simple by the ten laws he placed in stone. Not one person on this earth can say they haven’t broken any of those laws, and that is precisely why he sent the only sacrifice that was for us all to redeem ourselves. Generations upon generations humans have been in war among each other for things that will pass away. Fighting for control of lands and human rights to be human. God gave us all this planet to utilize for his greater good not to kill, steal, and destroy it or people for control purposes. It is sad to think that governments and people would go to such great lengths to do so. The wrath of God should be feared because just as he has given to us, he can also take it all away. Don’t take his gifts for granted and sow good wherever you may roam. The hand of God is mighty and should not be taken lightly as he is the creator of all that is good, so take your troubles to the throne where all is understood.


The Root to All

No matter what our experiences are going through life always remember where your roots are. The world may be in turmoil, but if you are grounded in the correct core root being God and his creation, the fear will be minimal as we work through this ride we call life. Life, as we know, has been developed around a society that has been grounded in sin from the beginning. We humans should thank Christ Jesus by walking in the good way because through him we all have the choice in this moment to choose eternal life with our Heavenly Father. Let God guide, and he will provide just as all of his creations have been created for. Everything and everyone has their part in his greater plan, and not all you will understand. Let faith take hold of your heart, put your hope on the wings of the dove,and you will find his eternal everlasting love. My reassurance comes from nothing but his love for all, Christ Jesus died for that cause. Acceptance is key to the whole life he created for you and for me. Deeply rooted into one The Father, our creator, Acceptance of his Son. The Holy Spirit will come upon you and fill you up with nothing but his love. Nothing will ever be the same, this I am sure of. Tapping into our main root is key to most of life biggest mysteries. Take your roots up today and let them grow this time, our Fathers way. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

Afflictions are Many

We were all born into sin. Shaped and molded by mostly things of this world. Our molding starts in the home, and whatever is passed down usually keeps on going unless we make the decisions to change along the way. Sadly, lots of homes have been morally dead for generations. But the change can start with the person today. Afflictions are many with men but can be wiped away clean by our Heavenly Father. There is not one person on the planet that this does not apply to as we were all born into this sinful world. It is easy to get wrapped up and go the easiest way out. It’s a harder path when implementing these correctly in life as we live today. I personally can attest that I have been hit left and right and from side to side ever since I really dug deep and really started implementing the biblical way to be, how we were created to be. When the rose colored glasses fall off your eyes and you see through spiritual lenses, everything and everyone looks different. If you don’t know God, I highly suggest you get to know him because the times are not good now. We all have Affliction and many at that, but the free will choice is yours to make to turn things around. He will wipe all those away and renew you and mold you into the person he created you to be. Drop the ways of this world, and the love of money is the root cause of all sins. That by itself will lead a person down a path of destruction in more ways than one. Repent to him and come clean, forgive those that have caused pain, and move with God the rest of your days. Through him, you can be set free of any pain and misery. My prayer is for all to find him today. Let him wipe your afflictions away.

God Guides

Where God guides, he provides. Regardless of your circumstances, where there is a breathe there is life and purpose. Sometimes, it’s hard to see, especially during tribulations. During the tribulations in my life, my comfort was and is found in God. He comforted me and has been working in my life for a long time now. When I felt like I had nobody, he was there and picked me up and slowly started shaping and molding me anew. He renewed my mind and accepted me just as I was and began a work in me. He has corrected me more than once, and it is a daily relationship that I seek with him. He is my hope, and through my faith, I find his never-ending love for me every day. Thankful, grateful, and blessed is an understandment. He has shown me qualities that I so effortlessly hold and instructs me on how to use these for his greater plans. He will lead and guide and provide instructions for all, well, to those who listen and seek him. Take the time with God, and he will take the time with you. You seek him, and he will find you as he is living within all of his creations and knows when his children really call upon his name. He knows hearts and minds of all and misses nothing. Let him conduct your life how he intends for it to be. The best decision that I have ever made was the day I turned everything over to him. My hope is for all to do the same, to find the strong arms of God’s love ❤️ Stay Blessed 🙌

Fear of God

This is something a lot of people have forgotten about or just don’t care because they are chasing worldly ways. When I was in pursuit of these things, something always fell or broke apart. I didn’t know God and was not pursuing what he wanted for me. What he intended for my life. My fleshly desires were above him, and they should not have been. My relationship with God was not where it should have been. Thus, my pursuit would inevitably fail. Now I know because through me putting in the work for that relationship, it has flourished. He enlightens me on more than I care to know, but it is for my ultimate good in the end. I stand firm and will not conform to the ways of this world as that is not what he wants for me or my family. If a person thinks pursuing material things that will eventually rot away is going to get you somewhere, they are sadly mistaken. If it is not being used for his greater good, what worth does it actually have? Everyone has a call on their life that should be paved out through an example. Your life should be an example for others to see the work of God. The choice is that of the individual as we all have a free will choice that we are responsible for making. What decisions are you making today? Do they line up with what God would have done, or are they lining up with what you want or just for your benefit? Well, my life is being lined up accordingly to how he intends, and it is one of the finest lines that I have ever attempted to walk. The struggle is real, but it is doable. I fear God and we as a society have lost this fear due to selfish reasons. It’s time the fear of God and doing the right things return. All laws and governing authorities should governor under these first and foremost and then branch off. Not in ways to get around them but to implement those. In God, we trust it is supposed to be not in money we trust. The root of all evil and its sad. Fear your creator cause if he is powerful enough to create the beginning tithe end, what makes you think he won’t correct his creation. My advice for everyone is to get it together and realize the wrath of God is something that is to be feared. Chaos and confusion come from the enemy, and I will not be in any way shape form or fashion involve myself in such plans anymore. As my hope, faith, and love ❤️ lay at the feet of Jesus. My father, which art in heaven had already prevailed that day his son was crucified on the cross by the very same people he went there for. The fear of God is a real thing for me, and it should be for us as a society as a whole. It’s narrow, but the rewards are worth it. Let go and let God he has already paved the way. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

Upside Down

This is a feeling that I have experienced many times and have known it all too well. Feeling upside down in life. Like being out of line in some area. Until I gave my life to God completely, I felt this way. To be changed from the inside out through him is what turned my life right side up. What I wanted for my life was irrelevant at that point because it had not worked at all. I was so broken 💔 😭. Broken is not something that I would ever wish for anyone to feel, nor is this the want of our Father. When the realization of this hits you and how the operation of self has dictated your life up until this broken point, upside is not an option anymore. I prayed to my Father to take away everything and everyone not of him out of my life. To mold me and shape me into what he intended for me to be for his kingdom for his glory. At this point, I did not care what or who I lost because if it was not from him, I didn’t want it. For me, this was not just about me it was a pursuit for all of humanity as that is what he called us all to do. To walk in dignity with his sword of truth that was written for us to follow and pursue. To love enough to spread that truth and that love for all to benefit. To be a walking example of what a person can go through but still triumph through. This world that we live in is wicked. Wicked in more ways than one, and that is because so many have bought into the ways of this world, which are sins. Idolatry, adultery, murder, greed, selfishness, envy, lies, and being deceptive. My former self operated in such ways, but the prayer that changed this changed me from the inside out. What a wake-up call that was, and it is a daily work in progress. Put God first, and in everything you do, do it for him just as if he would have done. Ask him to change you if you may feel upside down in your journey and let him do the work inside of you. Acceptance is key. You must accept him and let him work to make you free. I pray everyone can find themselves right side up with God as their conductor on this ride we call life. Call apon his name, and you shall be saved. Let him mold you from the inside out today he is just one prayer away. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


This is a touchy subject that everyone has felt at one point or another in their life. Whether it be due to decisions that one has made or just simply feeling that emotion in some other area of life. Lord knows that that emotion has played a role in my life for some time due to the choices that I have made or judgemental comments from others. He opened my eyes to a lot of things as to why things have happened along the way, my role in those, and others also. He helped me through his word to not stay stuck there because he has shown me that everyone suffers from this emotion deep down or has at one point or another. Forgiveness is essential to healing wounds that we carry around on a daily basis, whether we may realize we carry those or not. If a person has not worked in that area in their life and has experienced a lot of traumatic events in their life it will affect them currently. The Bible says if we want our Father to forgive us, we must in return to do the same, including ourselves. Nobody is perfect, and we all have made some serious mistakes according to the ten commandments that were carved out for us humans to follow. They are pretty simple yet so easily broken in today’s society. Rejection of trying to live this way will come to all because all has failed on those. Jesus Christ lived by these, and we humans crucified him, so imagine that we won’t get any kickback. It’s absurd to think that we wouldn’t, but through a relationship with him, we will all prevail against this world and rejoice one day in heaven together at his throne. Through acceptance and example, we can make this world a more peaceful place for his glory. That’s all he wants is us all to come back home to him our Father which art in Heaven. He wants all his children as he created us all to strive to act accordingly. The side eyes and glances should not be taken personally as that comes from unhealed people. Live to please God, and by developing a relationship with him, these emotions will disappear as he has already carried all of our burdens to the cross. I pray for all mankind to have the renewal of their mind, body, and soul today through a baptism of fire from the Holy Spirit. May all that haven’t been renewed today in Jesus’ name, Amen. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


Continuously learning is something I have always enjoyed, and I personally take as much in as possible. When I was in my selfish era, that was not a concern of mine because I was operating in such a way as it was just me, speaking on my addiction. Never taking into consideration nothing or anyone else. Addiction changes a person into something they truly are not, and it breaks my heart to see now. Lost souls that are functioning for the bare minimum. Why settle for less than what God wants for you? These are things that I asked my sober self years later into my journey because that’s when I really started digging deep. Then it occurred to me, lack of knowledge. It started with who I was, what kind of person I was, and what my desires were. Helping people God told me. He said what a testimony your life has been. Look where you are now and how much you have overcame, and you didn’t know it was me carrying a lot of the way. Yes, I do know if God had taken his hand off me, I wouldn’t be alive today. So many times that I remember that I took too many pills and was scared to go to sleep because I knew if I had, I would not wake up. Traveling across a foreign country alone to make my trip back home to encounter being pulled over and etc. By cartel members and military forces masked all the way up. By the Grace of God, he helped me overcome a lot of things. God was with me the whole time and still is. That’s only a little bit of my story, and that is where my recovery began. The trauma and healing have taken longer and are a continuing process that happens every day. None of this would have been possible without God. That’s why I spread his word and promises as much as possible. Through my experiences in life, I have gained a lot of knowledge in a lot of different areas. My passion includes God first and foremost. He created me to be an example for others to see just what he did through me. Regardless of where you are at or what you may be doing or have done, it isn’t too much for him to carry. Take inventory of your life, and you may see just what you mean to him. How many situations should you have not survived that you did? Then, look for the good what you may have learned and take that and use it. Use it for a greater good that won’t be completely understood, might I add. And that’s okay because God’s understanding is not of our own. But all things work together for the good for those who believe and when I became a believer everything changed. My life was flipped upside down, and it all makes perfect sense now. I have passions for certain things like helping people, and that is exactly what he wants us to do, to help one another get through. So if my story helps one person or maybe a passion that I may have, I have done my work because my Father said. I will never be ashamed of anything else again, and only through God I have found this to be the truth. Knowledge is what you will get from me because God knows what he will do through me. The times have been bad lately in the world, for years, actually, but a lot of knowledge has been lost to us through the years. Basic survival guides that we should have in place. God is number one. Other knowledge I speak of is worldly knowledge because there are too many Chiefs and not enough Indians everywhere. God gave us everything to sustain us when he created this planet, and if there is corruption in our so-called governments, the people have a Godly right to use to fight back. It requires work and hard work but is much more peaceful and fulfilling. Take control back through God’s gifts to us, and a lot of these problems would stop and suddenly disappear because you are not feeding them. Lack of knowledge, remember that. It all started with God from the beginning, and it will end just the same. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

Broken Hearts

This is something everyone experiences, broken hearts. Could be due to grief or many other things as well. Grief is something that has been one of my personal issues that caused me to go on a self-destructive path for years. God helped me when I finally turned over all my broken pieces to him. All the weight that my decisions caused me to carry for so long. Finally, one day, it got too heavy and dropped me to my knees. God picked me back up and started a miraculous work in me. Working through all the weight that I carried and making peace with it all. Never have I ever thought of myself as perfect because I know the mistakes that I have made. Never have I or will I ever deny those, but God freed me of the weight. The weight of shame, guilt, and just being broken hearted for so long. He took those from me, took the weight, and now I will stand for the rest of my days for my Father first and foremost. Being broken-hearted is not easy, nor is it easy to say it was caused by my actions or decisions. It’s called accountability, and I assume all my wrongdoings. I’m not ashamed either because I have learned some valuable lessons through my 43 years. But I will say none of my work has been done alone. God has been my potter, and he will be yours too as he loves you just as much as the next person. So, if you may be struggling today with something, I pray you find the peace that God wants you to have. The peace of his presence and his guiding light. Let him work the puzzle of your life today because he is the only way. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

The Words to Say

Lord, give me the words to say whether they be understood or turn into a light along someone’s way. Life can be heavy at times, but I pray that peace and forgiveness can come in these times. So many hearts hurt, and it pierces me in my soul to think one of my own hurts to their soul. My mistakes through life have not only affected me but the ones that I love for this, I am sure. I pray for the healing of these hearts on a level not understood. A cleansing of their spirit through and through and a lesson of good that only them and you can conclude. Open their eyes, and may they take your led. To a place of peace through their entire being. I pray for all affected near and far to find their peace in your arms. Then maybe they will see, you left the 99 for the one and that was me. I will forever be in debt to you. This is understood. The rest of my days, you will reign and be my only guide along this way and all of this I pray. ❤️ Amen 🙏 Stay Blessed y’all 🙌